Looking Back at ϟLightning Roundϟ 2015

Welcome back to another semester! Now, where were we? Ah yes, I think it was something about Topic Modelling, Text Wrangling, 3D Printing, or EDrawing? To help jog your memory (and ours) we’ve just uploaded all 18 of the Lightning Round presentations from this past spring. Have a look at the playlist below and get amped to keep the discussion moving at the upcoming Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium, taking place this year on Friday, October 30th!

Leah Davidson, 2014 Seltzer winner, photographs her travels to India and Peru

This is an interview with Leah Davidson, a rising junior at Wharton, who was awarded one of our Seltzer Digital Media Awards in 2014 in order to pursue research in Peru and India:

“Leah Davidson W’16 … explore[d] social entrepreneurship in Peru and India under the guidance of Ian MacMillan, the Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Director of the Sol N. Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center. In Huancayo, Peru, she collaborate[d] with Blue Sparrow, a non-governmental organization that provides low-interest loans and free consulting services to entrepreneurs. In Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi, she explore[d] various models of making finance accessible to rural populations. She … use[d] a digital SLR camera to document the similarities and differences between the small business landscapes in these two countries.”

Here is her account of her experience in her own words and photographs:

Leah on an adventure in India with her new camera.
Leah on an adventure in India with her new camera.
(PennWIC) Jaime Marie Estrada: What inspired you to apply for the Seltzer Family Digital Media Awards?

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Re-Imagining Spaces

Arch 208
ARCH 208 Active Learning Classroom

At the request of Jeanne Narum, John MacDermott and I recently authored a “snapshot” for the Learning Spaces Collaboratory as an update to the webinar I presented last summer. Ours is one of several snapshots on the LSC Webinars page.

The snapshot emphasizes the importance of reflection and iteration on how we manage learning spaces. We discussed how comments from faculty and students inform our decisions to launch new programs. We reflected on the focus group sessions we created this past spring with our colleague John Merz from College House Computing. Through the process of listening to students, we gained a deeper understanding of how they experience different study spaces over the course of their days. We brought in lessons learned from our colleagues Bruce Lenthall from the Center for Teaching and Learning and Deirdre Woods from Open Learning about the growth of active learning classrooms around the Penn campus.

Our thanks to Kim Eke, Eric Janec, Sara Leavens and Vickie Karasic here at Penn Libraries for their assistance with this snapshot.

Top 12 Success Stories at WIC

Here at WIC we love seeing the ways in which students and faculty use our resources to succeed, and we jump at the opportunity to help with new projects.collaborate and succeed Our blog highlights many of the successes seen around WIC, and now we have a page on the Commons website dedicated to twelve of those most popular stories.

Check out Success Stories for featured articles!

Task your 3D mind to win these 3D challenges

As you might have noticed, the last couple of posts of mine have been about 3D printing and obviously this one is too. I just cannot stop my fascination with the subject. This morning, I found this page about 3D challenges. The news is too good to keep to myself, although sharing it could potentially put me at a disadvantage by decreasing the odds of getting my own MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer !

There you go! If you did not know it already, you can own a 3D printer – all you have to do is put your imagination to work and we can print out your creation at the Education Commons. Go Brains!

3D Printing Instructions Poster_FINAL(1)

No More #nofilter?

Instagram-Logo My name is Samantha Kannegiser and I am a new intern at the Weigle Information Commons. When my colleague Jaime suggested I write a post about photo filters I was unsure how interesting a topic it would be. However, after reading a new study conducted by Yahoo! Labs I was intrigued. The study finds that the ways in which we use filters on the photos we share affects those photos’ popularity and tendency to produce interaction through comments. The focus was on users of Flickr’s mobile application, and it is worth mentioning that Yahoo! Labs is a division of Yahoo!, the company which owns Flickr.

When considering the importance of these findings, think about why social photo sharing sites like Flickr and Instagram are so popular (92 million and 300 million users respectively). Mobile capabilities make it easy for us to quickly snap and document moments in our days, creating a sometimes overwhelming digital collection of memories. The desire to document and preserve is age-old and only part of this process, though. Photo sharing sites have made it possible for us to use our photos to tell a story to friends, acquaintances, and even strangers while also allowing us to interact socially in a digital setting. These snapshots of our lives are no longer bound to film and photo albums, but are now part of a larger story.

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Brainstorm 2015: We need you!

lightbulbHelp design the 2015  Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium! We will identify broad themes as well as new technologies to feature. Click on a date below to register for one of three brainstorming sessions or email us:

Our annual symposium is designed for faculty. Last year, we brought together over 130 people from all 12 Penn schools, and students shared their ideas on technology integration.

Save the date: Friday, October 30, 2015. We plan a faculty panel, an undergraduate student panel, and several threads for afternoon workshops. Below are the faculty remarks from last year: