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March 4 – Spring 2015 Majors Dinner

SAS PFP 2014 DinnerWe welcome undergraduate students to join our March 4 Majors Dinner (register now!) here at the Weigle Information Commons. The Commons thrives on student voices. We learn from your experiences, your ideas and your comments. So please share!

We’ll be talking about the Hoesley Digital Literacy Fellows Program (open to current sophomores and juniors) and the Seltzer Family Digital Media Awards (open to current first-years, sophomores and juniors). We’ll also discuss our Ready, Set, Succeed series and our Senior Research Spotlight and highlight ways to share your voice through Spring 2015 activities at the two Commons.

Hoesley and Seltzer Programs: Apply now!

We are accepting applications from undergraduate students for the Hoesley Digital Literacy Program and the Seltzer Family Digital Media Awards through March 16.

We accept a cohort of about 15 students each year to the Hoesley program. We welcome applications from all current sophomores and juniors. The program aims to demystify technology, provide hands-on training and a website building project, and foster career connections. You can browse related blog posts.

We select five to six students each year to receive Seltzer awards. Each student has the ability to purchase $1,000 worth of equipment (both hardware and software) for use on an academic project for one year with a faculty supervisor. At the end of the year, the equipment is made available to all of campus through our equipment lending program. You can browse related blog posts here.

Please feel free to stop by to ask us questions about the two programs and join us on March 4 for our Spring SAS Majors Dinner.HoesleyPoster2015

Representing the Complexities of War Online: Dyana (Wing) So, C’16 and her summer in Israel

dyanaLast summer,  Dyana (Wing) So, a college junior majoring in Visual Studies, visited Israel to work on an IIP summer internship sponsored by Penn. In an interview with Blake Cole and Manda McElrath from SAS Frontiers, she talks about her experience there. She discusses her interest in comparisons between virtuality and virtual reality, and shares how being on social media shaped and reshaped her world view.

While she was in Israel, and as part of her internship duties, she wrote for an online news website,, focusing on technology. She has continued writing for them upon her return, and her latest two pieces are on cyber security and green gardening. Continue reading Representing the Complexities of War Online: Dyana (Wing) So, C’16 and her summer in Israel

Hoesley Networking Mixer

Hoesley Networking Dinner
Hoesley students and WIC staff gather at a networking dinner.

We learned about each other’s career aspirations at the Hoesley Networking Mixer on December 5. Students in this year’s cohort presented drafts of their professional websites, and gathered suggestions from administrators from around campus, including the WIC Program Partners Group. We reflected on the challenge of self-introductions in different contexts – What do you include? What do you emphasize? What do you skip over? How do you present yourself and judge the context you find yourself in? All these questions are important regardless of one’s age or years of experience.

Students had used WordPress and Squarespace for their sites, and experimented with photos, videos, 3D molecule models and musical interpretations. Seeing each other’s work on the big screen was inspirational! We look forward to our students publishing their websites in the months ahead.

WIC Majors Dinner: Wednesday, February 19

Join us for our SAS Major Dinner tomorrow, February 19, 6:30 pm in the WIC Seminar Room. RSVP now!

Come join staff and students for an informal dinner and discussion of the  academic support and technology resources available at the Weigle Information Commons. We will discuss the Seltzer Family Digital Media Awards and the Hoesley Digital Literacy Fellows Program. Bring your questions!

Congrats Hoesley 2011, Welcome 2012 Cohort!

All of us at WIC extend our congratulations to the 2011 Hoesley fellows for successful completion of this year-long program!

  • Grisselle DeFrank C’12
  • Chelsea Dommert C’12
  • Caitlin Dougherty C’13
  • Meghan Hussey C’12
  • Marwa Ibrahim C’12
  • Ross Kelley C’12
  • Rebecca Rosen C’12
  • Virginia Senf C’12
  • Gina Shin C’13
  • Windy Tam C’13
  • Mai Chi Abby Tran C’13
  • Julia Wolfe C’12

We welcome the new 2012 cohort of 15 students and share some reflections from 2011 fellows: Continue reading Congrats Hoesley 2011, Welcome 2012 Cohort!

Marwa Ibrahim presents invocation at WOC Luncheon

We enjoyed listening to the opening invocation presented by Marwa Ibrahim from Hoesley 2011 cohort at the 25 annual Women of Color at Penn Day (WOCAP) Conference and Awards Luncheon. This event, organized by the African American Resource Center on campus, brought together a wonderful, large gathering from all over the Penn campus, including a sizable group from Penn Libraries.

Shaina Adams-El Guabli (from Penn Women's Center), Marwa Ibrahim and Anu Vedantham at the WOC Luncheon. Photo by Rebecca Hamell Presley.

Marwa lighted a candle and kicked off the lunch program with a short inspirational speech. She spoke beautifully about the need to look for what we have in common, rather than focusing on what divides us.