Don’t Fear the Internet

Don’t Fear the Internet” is a work in progress created to teach you basic HTML and CSS, and should be awesome for non web-designers interested in building websites–or even just customizing their WordPress blogs–for their projects.

I’ve been designing websites for a long time, and I was surprised to find myself spending much more time than I’d expected watching the videos on the site.  It covers everything from the EXTREME basics (“The internet is not a series of tubes.”) to the nitty gritty of actually writing the code for a webpage. It uses good examples and analogies to help you along the way.  As the creators of the site put it, “We’re not trying to turn you into a web designer.  Just make you feel less powerless about your online presence.

Don’t Fear the Internet is done by Jessica Hische–a Philly native and Tyler alum who recently did the typography for Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom”–and Russ Maschmeyer (aka @StrangeNative).

Thanks to lab alum Sarah Jacoby for recommending this great site!

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