Congrats Hoesley 2011, Welcome 2012 Cohort!

All of us at WIC extend our congratulations to the 2011 Hoesley fellows for successful completion of this year-long program!

  • Grisselle DeFrank C’12
  • Chelsea Dommert C’12
  • Caitlin Dougherty C’13
  • Meghan Hussey C’12
  • Marwa Ibrahim C’12
  • Ross Kelley C’12
  • Rebecca Rosen C’12
  • Virginia Senf C’12
  • Gina Shin C’13
  • Windy Tam C’13
  • Mai Chi Abby Tran C’13
  • Julia Wolfe C’12

We welcome the new 2012 cohort of 15 students and share some reflections from 2011 fellows:

“Before the Hoesley Program, I never imagined that I could produce work like this. Thanks to my training, I’ve become much more familiar with technological skills…” —Abby Tran

“Even though I had Excel experience prior to the program, what I learned about Photoshop, Prezi, Google programs, website creation, and even tools for my job search and career more than exceeded my expectations.” —Ross Kelley

“My new understanding of Microsoft Excel and pivot tables have allowed me to spot patterns in my data and access historical data far more efficiently than before, allowing me to draw more lessons from my data.” —Chelsea Dommert

“I now walk into the Vitale Digital Media Lab for help with Photoshop and the tingle of euphoria that comes with having produced my very own design.” —Marwa Ibrahim

“The class structure is very flexible and tailored to the students’ need and interest.” —Windy Tam

“It was really the principles and ideas of design that they discussed that I think stuck with me most–it was almost like a secret code that made me look at designs on things like posters and books a little differently” —Julia Wolfe

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