Tech Tools for Teaching – come play in June!

June can be a great time for faculty and graduate students to play with new technologies for teaching and learning – a time to stick your toes in the water without fear that the adventurous undergraduates might push you in to the deep end of the pool. I wanted to highlight some WICshops from our June calendar to consider:

  • Video: Lindsey Martin will teach FlipCam Videos (June 5) –  take videos and post on YouTube in seconds. Cathy Turner from Center for Teaching and Learning and I will present Assigning Video Projects (June 11) on pedagogical considerations.
  • iPads: Caitlin Shanley will present several iPad workshops. Did you know you can reserve library iPads for your classes?
  • Social Media: Sam Barry will explore Storify (June 13) – a tool with great potential as for creating narratives from social expressions. Shannon Kelly from Career Services will present Linked In Hands-on (June 21) . Marie Jaquish will discuss Twitter (June 28).
  • Web Design: We have workshops on Dreamweaver, CSS and WordPress.
  • Presentations: Prezi is a new tool to consider to spice your talks up.

Have tech ideas for us? Write, call or stop by – summer is a great time for us to try out new topics. And save the date – August 22 – our next Gadget Day. You can register for our workshops online.

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