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Looking Back at ϟLightning Roundϟ 2015

Welcome back to another semester! Now, where were we? Ah yes, I think it was something about Topic Modelling, Text Wrangling, 3D Printing, or EDrawing? To help jog your memory (and ours) we’ve just uploaded all 18 of the Lightning Round presentations from this past spring. Have a look at the playlist below and get amped to keep the discussion moving at the upcoming Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium, taking place this year on Friday, October 30th!

Symposium 2012 Wrapup

“Provocative, forward thinking, excellent examples given.” We’re happy to announce that the storify, videos and feedback from the 2012 Engaging Students through Technology Symposium are now online! You’ll find separate videos for each of the four faculty speakers (Al Filreis, Peter Struck, Connie Scanga and Shannon Lundeen), the opening remarks, the faculty panel Q&A and the student panel. Next, we plan to extract some jewels from the student panel similar to the 3 videos shared last year.

Promote yourself with an alternative resume

Want to make your resume stand out from the rest? That’s what Wharton student Alice Lee decided to do when she created an interactive website as her application to work with image editing/social photography/all around cool app Instagram.

screenshot from alice lee resume site

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Converting film reels to digital video

The lab has many free resources for the Penn community for converting media. We can convert from : dvd, vhs, c-vhs, mini dv, cassette tape, 35mm film, 35mm slides, and vinyl record. From time to time we do get questions about converting different formats of film reels. We have no equipment to do this in the lab and don’t know of any resources available on campus that can convert film reels. In the past we have referred people to Video City Inc. in Center City. Until recently I have never personally used them, but I am happy to say I am very please with the business. I had three reels of 8mm film from an old box at my parent’s house and had no idea what was on them. I got them converted to .avi files at Video City Inc. and although a lot of the film was water damaged I was able to rescue some great moments of my older brothers’ youth. The footage was a little dark, which was just the way the film was shot. I was able to clean it up quite a bit in Final Cut Pro. You would also be able to do this to some degree in iMovie. Here is a before and after shot of a small section of footage.

There is a long list on Video City’s websiteabout what formats they can convert. I would highly recommend dropping off a hard drive for them to put the footage on instead of paying for it to go directly to a dvd. If you convert to a dvd it doubles the cost. Each reel ended up being about $10 to put onto the hard drive which is a real bargain in my book.

What is 4K Video?

TimeScapes 4K from Tom Lowe

I came across this video called TimeScapes yesterday. It is basically a demo video showing off the capabilities of 4K technology. 4K is a term we might see popping up more frequently and simply put “4K” refers to a higher than high def video format; creating videos at 4096 x 2304 pixels. If you don’t know… this is madness.

I remember hearing a couple of years ago that higher than hi-def video tended to make people nauseous, but I guess we are taking that leap. One of the biggest proponents of this new technology is Peter Jackson. He is currently filming two new Lord of the Rings movies, (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again) and not only are they shooting in 4K, but they are also shooting in 3D and at 48 frames per second (as opposed to the typical 24 fps). This should make for a very unique viewer experience. Here is one of the Hobbit video blogs that talks a little more about the technology and filming with the Red Epic camera to capture video in 4K.