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Happy NVivo Year!

nvivogroupLots of NVivo news to celebrate as we enter 2016!

Thanks to our awesome public computing support department, all the computers in Weigle and the Goldstein Electronic Classroom can once again run NVivo beautifully! Software glitches are fixed, our machines have solid-state drives that boot up faster and our network is now at 1Gig Ethernet. So come on back, and bring your friends with you!

Our NVivo User Group is off to a great start with more than 60 people on our listserv and a Canvas course for sharing databases and questions. All four sessions to date had strong attendance and handouts are posted online.

Our next NVivo Basics class will be on January 27, and our next NVivo User Group meeting on February 1 will focus on query design facilitated by Ebony Easley. We plan time for “ask an expert” consultations, so bring your team and your NVivo files along with you. On your way in, you can admire the latest student work exhibit by Rosie Frasso‘s class on how technology is changing our lives; the students used NVivo to analyze their interviews.