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Screening Scholarship Media Festival 2016

We are excited to announce the call for submissions for ​camra’s ​4th​ annual Screening Scholarship Media Festival. We’ve collaborated with camra for a while, and they are co-sponsoring our annual faculty symposium. In 2013, we shared student work from Lisa Mitchell’s South Asia Studies class at SSMF.  We love their focus on multimedia for expression of ideas

This year’s festival, on April 1-2, 2016, has the theme of “Race, Media and Social Justice.” ​camra welcomes innovative submissions exhibiting original work that either engages with how racial difference and its attendant intersectionalities are constructed within a particular national or local context, or work that engages with a careful analysis and critique of mainstream and new media coverage of race and racialized thinking as it materializes in everyday life.

Please visit the camra website to learn more about the theme and various categories of submission, and submit your materials before November 15.

Check out our latest workshops or request a consultation session to help with your submissions!

Also take a look back at what happened in SSMF 2015, 2014, 2013.


Vote Healthy!

What does Healthy look like?
What does Healthy look like?

We received great entries for our What Does Healthy Look Like? video contest. We welcome all to vote for their favorite video entry from our seven contenders; voting closes on May 28. Thank you for supporting our student video creators! Award winners selected by our judging committee (which includes faculty, students, alumni and staff) and our popular choice award will be announced in early June. Our entries are:

  • Public Health at Penn
  • Immune Checkpoint Blockade: Ipilimumab and the CTLA-4 Receptor
  • 8-Bit Distracted
  • Sleep? I Think I Can Pencil That In?
  • Making Sense of Happiness
  • Outbreaks in Film
  • Will Always Be Loved

Which is your favorite?

Exam vs. Nobel chat?

Students from Chem 251 class
Eric Shiuey and Evan Selzer

Should I take my organic chemistry exam or accept an invitation for coffee with a Nobel Prize winning scientist?  Eric Shiuey C’16 and Evan Selzer C’16 hesitated. Fortunately, their professor Jeffery Saven set them straight. Exam rescheduled!

The two students  set off for a chat at the Inn at Penn with Dr. Stanley Prusiner, winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

A few weeks earlier, Eric and Evan had created a video for the course CHEM 251, Principles of Biological Chemistry. They had pored over journal articles on prions, a new class of pathogens discovered by Dr. Prusiner. As part of the assignment, students share links to their videos with the scientists whose work is referenced. Eric and Evan wrote to six scientists and four responded with feedback. One email brought a surprise! An invitation to meet with Dr. Prusiner when he visited Penn this April as part of the Year of Health activities.

Vickie Karasic and I met recently with Eric, Evan and Jeff to get the scoop.. Continue reading Exam vs. Nobel chat?

Screening Scholarship Media Festival 2015

CAMRA Festival Poster

We are looking forward to camra‘s annual media festival on March 27 and 28. Our partnership with camra has brought us fun times exploring audio and video. Past festivals have featured student-created videos including the Rubber video from Lisa Mitchell’s class and the great work of our own Lindsey Martin (after two years, we still miss her at WIC!). The Screening Scholarship Media Festival is a great place to meet colleagues interested in new media. As they describe:

"We explore the affordances and challenges of multimodal representational strategies in research, and we interrogate their social implications. SSMF is a hybrid between a traditional academic conference and a film/media festival."

We hope you will join us at the 2015 SSMF – check out the Festival Schedule

Screening of Student Video Creations

ellenThis guest post by Ellen Reynolds, Lecturer in Fine Arts at Penn Design and video creation guide for our Seltzer Award winners, describes an upcoming event on September 11 to showcase student creativity.

I’m delighted to present, on behalf of The Undergraduate Department of Fine Arts, a screening of student video work this Thursday. We offer a course sequence in Video Production that is challenging, rich, and exciting! You probably know (if you’re reading this blog!) that video production is very time consuming. In a 13 week semester, students always work until the last possible minute on their videos and as a result we frequently don’t even have an end of the semester screening – making it random and rare to see work produced in one of our classes. What a shame!  I hSCREENING Fall 2014ope that students, staff and faculty who are interested in taking a video class with us, or in learning more about our course sequence, or who just love innovative short films, will come to our Screening and enjoy some cookies, beverages, and conversation about filmmaking at Penn!

Selected Student Work from Fall 2013, Spring 2014
Thursday, September 11th, 6:30pm – 8pm
Gregory House Screening Room, 40th and Spruce

Christopher Vandegrift at Writers House Tonight

No, that's what the image is supposed to look like. Trust me.
No, that’s what the image is supposed to look like. Trust me.

Our own Christopher Vandegrift is participating in Philadelphia à la Pataphysique, a festival and academic conference being held this week at Penn. The festival is exploring the life, works, and influence of French modernist Alfred Jarry.

Christopher is performing as part of the festival’s Pataphysical Arts Night, an event being held tonight (3/20) at the Kelly Writers House. Here’s what Christopher had to say about the event:

 I’m thrilled to be taking part in Pataphysical Arts Night! I’ll be screening two of my short films alongside a fantastic lineup: DJ Spooky, Andrew Hugill, Craig Dworkin, Judith Goldman, and Michelle Taransky! Hosted and emceed by Katie L Price!

The event begins tonight at 6pm and is free, but a full house is expected. RSVP details are at the event’s webpage. The event will also be live-streamed through the Kelly Writers House website (http://writing.upenn.edu/wh/multimedia/tv/) and later archived at PennSound.

More details about Christopher’s work can be found at his personal website: http://christophervandegrift.com.

CAMRA Media Festival – Feb 24

This guest post by Arjun Shankar describes Penn CAMRA’s upcoming media festival, which includes an afternoon panel about our experiences with Lisa Mitchell’s South Asia Studies classes:

We are really excited to let everyone know about Penn CAMRA’s first annual media festival, on Feb 24 from 12pm to 7pm at Annenberg School for Communication.  CAMRA, a media pedagogy lab, is a new collective of professors, graduate, and undergraduate students on campus which focuses on the use of film and other media technologies – web platforms, social media, etc – towards university learning and research.  We know that university learning is currently at a crossroads: we’re all still reading and writing in classrooms even though most students on campus, including all of us, are immersed in video and web technology when outside of the classroom.  We are extremely interested in working with anyone who wants to learn the technical aspects of these diverse media, how to integrate them into classroom learning, or how to infuse such technologies into research.  The media festival will bring together members of the Penn community and scholars from around the country to begin these discussions in earnest. We really look forward to seeing you all as we begin to create a strong community on campus!