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Lightning Round on April 22

Lightning Round 2015 – April 22, 10:30 AM

As part of our Engaging Students Through Technology series, we’re glad to announce Lightning Round 2015 on April 22, 10:30 am to noon, upstairs in the Kislak Center. Join us to explore creative ideas to engage students in a fast-paced format. Each presenter will share a favorite technology tool or idea with a three-minute time limit enforced by our gong. The event is designed for faculty, graduate students and staff with interest in educational technology. Videos will be shared afterwards on the Penn Libraries YouTube Channel.

Our presenters will need to talk fast!  Maybe a chat with a friendly CWiC advisor will help  shave a few seconds here and there. We have seven presentations confirmed to date – on NVivo, Storify, Palladio, E-Draw, 3D printing (two types) and Scholarly Commons. We hope to include up to twenty topics – so please step up if you have an idea to share!

This format worked great at our last Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium though the time limit was even shorter, at just two minutes. Our playlist below includes twelve videos on topics from Annotation Studio to  CAMRA to Timeline:

We look forward to the 2015 lightning round talks!

Socializing with Social Media

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(From left: Pam Harris of Swarthmore College Libraries, and Illene Rubin and Mallika Sircar of Penn Libraries)

Back in June at PhillyDH@Penn, I presented a workshop called “Social Media Tech Tools,” which provided a show-and-tell of six different social media tools that we use here at WIC and some tips about using social media to engage our audiences. The workshop took place in Van Pelt Library’s new Collaborative Classroom, which encourages flipped classroom and active learning methods via the room setup and technology. The room is also conducive to socializing as folks are collaborating and moving around the room, making it an ideal space to discuss social media.

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Storify-ing Environmental Studies

StorifyWe have used the social media tool Storify to document WIC events such as our annual symposium and Gadget Day – Summer 2012. Penn Career Services has created great “day-in-the life-of” stories with this tool.

By bringing in information from various sources on the Web, Storify allows you to create not only a narrative, but also a persuasive argument about the story you are telling.  Enter Storify for scholarly research.

This semester, students in Alain Plante’s seminar, The Human Dominated Earth: Living in the Anthropocene (ENVS 400), did just this:  they built arguments around different aspects of the Anthropocene period by using Storify as an interactive platform for their research. Students’ projects read as “e-research papers” of sorts, where news articles, YouTube videos, scholarly articles, book information, tweets, and Instagram photos are instantly available to the reader either right inside of their “story,” or simply a mouse click away.

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Symposium 2012 Wrapup

“Provocative, forward thinking, excellent examples given.” We’re happy to announce that the storify, videos and feedback from the 2012 Engaging Students through Technology Symposium are now online! You’ll find separate videos for each of the four faculty speakers (Al Filreis, Peter Struck, Connie Scanga and Shannon Lundeen), the opening remarks, the faculty panel Q&A and the student panel. Next, we plan to extract some jewels from the student panel similar to the 3 videos shared last year.

Have You Been Storified?

WIC on StorifyDid you participate in our April Gadget Day or  THATCamp@Penn? Perhaps you posted a pithy observation, or live-tweeted? If so, you might be featured in our most recent foray into social media: Storify.

Storify creates annotated narratives out of what would otherwise be ephemeral blips of content. For our THATCamp story, we’ve pulled in Flickr photos, tweets about sessions, and reflective blog posts. For our Gadget Day story, we had fun with candy and coffee. The content is structured in a timeline format, but unlike the dynamic timelines of Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, a Storify story is static – perfect for preserving a snapshot of a single event’s buzz. Continue reading Have You Been Storified?