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Commons’ Publications: Reviewed

CoverLearnerInteractionsOnlineThe Commons’ staff are no stranger to publishing and have written about technology, learning, collaboration, and teaching tools, all things we love at WIC. Recently, WIC Digital Projects Fellow Vickie Karasic and director Anu Vedantham wrote a chapter for Researching Language Learners Interactions Online: From Social Media to MOOCs (Dixon and Thomas). Their chapter, “Video Creation Tools for Language Learning: Lessons Learned” focuses on digital video creation tools and the benefit of using video assignments for language learning. Their chapter received a brief mention in a book review by Elena Martin-Monje this month:


“…video assignments enhance the understanding of other languages and cultures, while at the same time they enable students to be more aware of their own identity through this learning process.”

Vickie has written about this project before, including details of interviewing language faculty members at Penn. She has also showcased her workshop on using Audio and Video in PowerPoint for Beginning Japanese.

Read other reports and publications written about the Commons (the Educause article made 2014’s Top Ten Most Read list) and check out our monthly workshops if you are interested in learning some of the same tech tools referenced in the book!

What’s New with WIC iPads?

image of an iPad updatingI’m very excited to announce a new update to our iPads in the Classroom Program report!

I welcome any and all comments; please feel free to share the report widely. We originally wrote up our program back in September 2012, and since then we have seen lots of new and exciting uses in class projects. We’ve also gotten a bit more familiar with managing the devices, and I’m happy to include some general recommendations for libraries on adapting our program to their own contexts.

While we’ve come a long way, we’ve still only just begun! Faculty and staff, please get in touch with us about iPad projects for the fall semester. We are happy to add additional apps and create customized configurations for your projects. Check out some of our case studies, and get in touch with us!