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WIC’s 10th Birthday Bash

WIC Logo Bday Hat LargeThe Weigle Information Commons turns 10 next week – check out our interactive timeline.

Join WIC’s 10th Birthday Bash on Tuesday, April 5, 5 to 7 pm.

Enjoy birthday cake, hands-on fun (young adult coloring, Makey Makey and Scratch, comics on our Cintiq tablet) and activities that help you excel academically and master digital literacy.

You will meet many wonderful people and partner organizations.

It’s a MakerSpace evening – make something in between bites of cake and win cool swag! (Photo below courtesy of Wes Martin‘s fancy lightbox!)

Bluetooth Speaker and Swag
Swag: Bluetooth Speaker and Phone Case

(We announce the winners of our Bluetooth Speakers at the 2016 College Palooza on April 11.)

Look for our ad below in the DP and around campus next week and RSVP on Facebook.

Want to help host our party? Let us know!

WIC Birthday Ad


WIC Annual Report 2012-2013

We’re happy to announce that the WIC annual report for 2012-2013 is available online in PDF format. We hope that you will share your reactions and comments with us! The report has been a true group effort. Special thanks go to Mindy Weinberg, Communications Manager for Programs and Services, for her advice on design and formatting.

This year, we went back to using Microsoft Word after trying InDesign in previous years. We like the simplicity of Word, but InDesign allows more formatting options. We will continue to test different programs for annual reports to come!

Breaking the ice, ending on a high note

We started thinking about the quality and consistency of our WICshops about a year ago. Our frequent WICshop attendees may have noticed that we have a lot of different presenters. Our staff have become closely associated with their favorite topics – David Toccafondi with PhotoShop, me with Excel, etc. Each year, we welcome three graduate student interns, and many staff from around campus are frequent presenters. We have lots of presenters teaching lots of topics and a mix of attendees that changes from day to day.

Last October, I started asking the advice of my colleague Rashmi Kumar. How do we better connect with people attending our WICshops? How do we handle the staggering differences in prior levels of expertise? How do we negotiate different learning styles – of freshmen, doctoral students, faculty and staff – who might sit elbow-to-elbow in the same session, but expect different levels of attention. How do we engage students sitting here because their professor requires it, but deeply convinced they need no help with new technologies?

After several great conversations, I invited Rashmi to spend this spring observing our workshops, talking with all of us, and giving us her expert advice on simple ways to improve and standardize what we do. Today, I’m very happy to announce the results – available for general public use – the Tools and Technologies Instruction Model. We began following her advice almost immediately. It is quite amazing how simple ideas are often the most powerful. One idea I use frequently now is to end on a high note. I describe what I taught that session instead of bemoaning everything I had planned to do but did not get time to cover!

I’m glad Rashmi has recently joined the Weingarten Learning Resources Center (VPUL), one of our Program Partners, and I am looking forward to her presentation here at Penn Libraries this September.

Exemplary Poster Design

Our poster printer has been humming along all year, and we have enjoyed helping students learn how to improve layout and design. This spring, we identified two exemplary posters from a large set shown at the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF) Undergraduate Research Symposium. Rick Laurent Feely gives prominence to jarring images and uses a mellow color palette to convey mood in his poster “Madhouse Messiah” about the early years of poet Allen Ginsberg.

Madhouse Messiah poster

Ollin Venegas neatly organizes the elements in his presentation to fit the narrative of his research in “Notions of Health and Manhood in a Guatemalan Gym: Patterns Contra to Machismo.”

Notions of Health and Manhood in a Guatemalan Gym poster

For more on designing research posters, consider attending our upcoming Photoshop for Research Posters workshop, which will be held on June 14th in the WIC Seminar Room.

WIC Annual Report 2010-11

I’m glad to announce the WIC annual report for 2010-11 is online in a variety of mobile friendly formats. You can read it on your iPad, your phone or your Kindle. I hope you will share your reactions and comments with us! This report reflects truly a team effort – with images, graphs, data analysis, proof-reading and commentary from just about everyone involved with WIC – over a long eight months.

This year, for the first time, we created the report in InDesign instead of Microsoft Word. As a new user of Adobe InDesign, I now have a new appreciation of the complexity of InDesign and – in contrast – the simplicity of Word.