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Conference Takeaway

It isconference kit.png2 our pleasure to announce two new “Conference kits” reservable online for faculty to borrow from the Vitale Digital Media Lab at the Weigle Information Commons. The kits can be borrowed for up to eight days. Each kit contains an Apple Mac-book Air and several video adapters to make it easy to present at a conference (as well as in a classroom).

To reserve, login to WebCheckout with Pennkey, click on “Add Resource”, and look under “Presentation Aids” for the “Laptop Presenter Kits”. Please review our equipment lending guidelines for loan details. WIC provides workshops and tutorials on presentation software such as Prezi and PowerPoint, so let us know how we can help make your next conference presentation the best it can be!

Is “prezify” a real word?

Earlier this month, Prezi (one of our favorite web-based presentation tools here at WIC) introduced an option to directly import PowerPoint slides into your prez-entation. But one of the best things about Prezi is that it allows you to think outside the linear structure of a PowerPoint slideshow, so I started to worry…wouldn’t this make a Prezi into just another PowerPoint presentation? Prezi’s answer to my conundrum: “prezification:”

image of prezifying machine

Okay, so maybe that diagram isn’t the clearest, but thankfully Prezi also offers an instructional video on transforming an old school slideshow into a more visually interesting representation of your topic. Starting from around the 1:00 mark, this Prezi staffer gives some good tips on using the canvas to display relationships and create something your audience can understand from a distance.

So, whether you’re a Prezi fan (or whether you think it’s okay to keep making up new verbs by adding “ify” to everything…) or not, this new tool seems to me to be a call to action to presenters. And while I would never go so far as to say PowerPoint is evil, maybe it’s time we all start thinking outside the slide a little bit. Testify, er…prezify!

Prezi U Ambassador Program

Prezi U Ambassador ProgramHave you ever found yourself converting friends from PowerPoint to Prezi? Evangelizing about animations? You might be interested in a position as a Prezi ambassador.

Prezi campus representatives focus on promotion, market research, and create sample presentations for college campuses. In return, students can potentially earn course or internship credit and a free EDU Pro license of Prezi, among other perks.

Penn students have acted as software and tech representatives in the past, using their experience to teach workshops in WIC. Apple Campus Representative Nathan Tien, for example, will be teaching a workshop on iCloud tonight from 7-8 pm in the WIC Seminar Room. We hope to see a Prezi ambassador teaching WICshops in the near future!

Ross Kelley – Hoesley Reflection 2012

My name is Ross Kelley, and I was part of the 2011-2012 cohort of the Hoesley Digital Literacy Fellows program. I was excited to join the program so I could learn about the many valuable software tools I never thought I would have the skills to use.  Even though I had Excel experience prior to the program, what I learned about Photoshop, Prezi, Google programs, website creation, and even tools for my job search and career more than exceeded my expectations.   This program provided ample time for interaction with these tools through its helpful hands-on learning environment and access to training videos on Lynda.com.  As a result of the Hoesley program, I am far more proficient with these tools and confident in my ability to learn how to use others.

Creating my own website was definitely the most exciting part of this program.  I was thrilled to hone this very valuable skill and leave my mark on the Internet.  I am particularly proud of my new abilities to embed a Prezi and other graphics, customize the site’s theme, and transition to a self-hosted site, which I will explore further after graduation.

Engaging Students Through Technology 2011 Symposium

On Friday, October 28th, we will host the Fourth Annual Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium which tackles two broad questions:

  1. How should I use technology, in my classroom and outside my classroom, to engage my students?
  2. How should I manage the technology (laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc.) that my students bring to my classroom?

The symposium includes a faculty panel, a student panel, lunch, discussion and hands-on sessions for Assessing Tech Projects, From Idea to Reality, Prezi for Presentations and iPads for Class Projects.  Registration is open for Penn faculty and instructors. Interested graduate students can email wic1@pobox.upenn.edu to be included on a space-available basis. Register now!

For the past 3 years, the event has filled up quickly and we hope for a similar great turnout this year! In case you have to miss the event, we will video-record the faculty and student panels and make the videos available on our website in mid-November.

Also, we are recruiting students to speak on the student panel – click here and share your contact info if interested.

Anna Adler – Hoesley Program Reflection

My name is Anna Adler and I was a participant in the first year of the Hoesley Digital Literacy Fellow Program. As a Visual Studies major in the College of Arts and Sciences, I had some background experience in programs such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign through the Fine Arts course, Digital Design Foundations. My main reason for pursuing the program was to enhance my digital skill-set. I was in the process of interviewing for full-time jobs for after graduation in the digital and online media industry, so I wanted to stay up-to-date with the changing software in this particular field.

For the Visual Studies major, we had to present our thesis topics multiple times throughout the course of the year to our teachers and classmates. Specifically, Hoesley’s Prezi session was especially insightful, and as a result, I learned an entirely new way for presenting my information in a more visually interactive display. In addition, I learned about a variety of basic short cuts and other simple tasks in programs that I initially thought I was completely proficient, such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Word.

I used to be intimidated by the thought of building my own website. Through the Hoesley program, I realized how easy it was to create one through both Google and Apple software. Consequently, I became much more comfortable when I would have to teach myself how to utilize different types of programs that were new to me. For example, I had to create a Tumblr page for my Visual Studies Thesis. The Hoesley program prepared me to take on such a task that I had never been familiar with before. Check it out here:


I especially would like to thank the wonderful staff that helped make this wonderful program possible. It was an incredibly valuable experience that significantly added to my wonderful times at Penn.

Tayler Sorenson – Advice for the 2011-12 Hoesley cohort

My name is Tayler Sorensen and I participated in the first cohort of the Hoesley program. Although I’d had previous experience with some graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, I had never gotten near anything that had to do with the internet. I was amazed to find the new software I was introduced to throughout the fellowship was not actually as scary as I had feared it would be. For example, I had never even heard of Prezi before last year. Now I know it is an eye catching and user friendly alternative to Powerpoint for all kinds of presentations. You can even make a resume with it! Here’s one Prezi I liked.


Knowledge of programs like Prezi, Excel, and the Adobe Creative Suite make all the other skills you have look even more attractive when applying for jobs or graduate school. When I applied for my Master’s program at Carnegie Mellon University, there was a whole section of the application where I had to list what programs and software I knew how to use.


I was also very pleased to find how simple it actually is to build a website through Google Sites, iWeb on Macs and blog websites. In the Hoesley fellowship, I learned how to upload pictures and make multiple albums to showcase my portfolio of graphic design work, how to link to other sites, and use templates to change the mood of my website. Although my website is not yet finished, here are some interesting blogs and professional websites I like:


Exploring other people’s professional websites can be very educational and inspirational. They can give you ideas of what you’d like to do or even show you what techniques don’t work in practice. That’s another great part about the Hoesley fellowship-the cohort setup allows you to share your work with other people and get constructive feedback.
Have fun and good luck!
– Tayler