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Symposium videos reveal our robust campus community..

Symposium 2015 LogoThanks to our dedicated team of sponsors and organizers and our powerful presenters, we have received wonderful feedback from the 2015 Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium. One of my favorite comments inspired the title for this blog post:

“The community of people doing innovative things with tech at Penn is actually quite robust, and I felt like I was reintroduced to it in a really delightful way. We could probably do a better job maintaining that community all year long.”

We brought together over 150 faculty, staff and graduate students from all twelve Penn schools for an intense program of speakers and discussions. Our student survey responses and student and faculty panel presenters inspired conversation.

As our photo album shows, our audience stayed active and engaged throughout a very long Friday. I welcome you to browse the recently-posted presenter slides and videos and share with colleagues.  Highlighted tools include Twitter (with Alain Plante and Emily Steiner), the LightBoard (with Phil Gressman), wikis (with Joe Farrell), Panopto lecture recording (with Peter Fader) and a variety of apps and web resources. The playlist below includes 22 videos!

Save the date: The 2016 Symposium will take place on Friday, October 28!

Google Search by Image

Inspired by WIC librarian Caitlin Shanley’s post about Google Power Searchers, I thought I’d share some pointers on image searching that I’ve learned recently. While working on image copyright for Penn’s offerings on Coursera.org—a platform for free online classes from top universities— I’ve become well-acquainted with Google’s Search by Image feature. I was surprised to find out that not too many people know about this useful tool! It’s a great solution for common frustrations like:

  • I saved an image to my desktop to put in a paper, but now I can’t remember the source to cite it.
  • I have a picture of a plant/creature/landmark/item/work of art, and I want to get information about it.
  • I want to reuse an image on the web, but I need to track down the owner to get permission.
  • I want to find the original source of a pinned image on Pinterest.
  • I want to find a better resolution or uncropped version of an image.
  • I’m an artist/creator monitoring reuse of my work.
  • I want to find pictures of cats that look like my cat.

Here’s how it works: You can search with an image whether it’s online or saved to your hard drive– just head over to Google Images and click the little camera icon on the far right side of the search bar. Continue reading Google Search by Image