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New Semester, More Lynda

lyndaSimpleIn October 2013, we launched a pilot project lending Lynda.com Pro licenses for remote use. We started with 4 licenses to reserve and increased that to 6 after we saw more demand. The licenses are so popular that we now have 10 for remote use every day of the week, in addition to 2 licenses for walk-in use in the Media Lab. You can read more about the borrowing process and check out a license on our remote lending page.

Lynda.com offers a great way to complement our in-person WICshops. Almost every topic we teach is available self-service on Lynda. We hope you will take advantage of the extra licenses this spring. Happy learning!

Remote Access to Lynda for students

We’re excited to announce a pilot project. Following up on a idea from the SAS Student Technology Advisory Board in the spring, we contacted Lynda.com and learned about the ability to lend Lynda Pro licenses. After conversations with ISC and the Office of Software Licensing, we have decided to restrict access to undergraduate and graduate students.

We will start lending four licenses this week. You will be able to access Lynda.com from any location on any machine for one day at a time. We will manage the licenses on weekday mornings. You can make your reservation the night before, or up to a week ahead. Since access will be linked to your own Penn email address, you can maintain bookmarks, keep track of half-watched videos and manage completion certificates. When you log back in, you can pick up right where you left off. We plan to run this pilot out through the end of the semester, and we welcome your feedback.

Chelsea Dommert – Hoesley Reflection 2012

My name is Chelsea Dommert and I was part of the Hoesley Digital Literacy Program during the 2011-2012 school year. I came to the program hoping to learn more about web design as well and Microsoft Office tools, particularly Excel.

In learning throughout the program the subscription to Lynda.com proved one of the most useful tools. The instructional videos on this website acquainted me with the advanced functions for InDesign, Photoshop, and Google tools. Its comprehensive video database covers tasks that I didn’t even know some of this software could perform! Besides Lynda.com, I learned the most from the WICshops at Weigle. Ms. Vedantham instructs with great clarity and patience; she creates an environment that is low-stress and conducive to learning, which diametrically opposes the high-stress, fast-paced computer seminars that I have attended in the past.

I have used my new computer skills to enhance the appearance and content of one of my blogs, coachingthecox.com, a WordPress blog where I post resources to help crew coaches from a rowing background understand and coach their coxswains. I build all of the resources from scratch using data I have gathered over years of rowing experience. However, my new understanding of Microsoft Excel and pivot tables have allowed me to spot patterns in my data and access historical data far more efficiently than before, allowing me to draw more lessons from my data and, eventually, plan and build more coaching resources for online distribution.

New Features in PowerPoint 2010

In the Microsoft Office 2010 Suite, there are several new features. We will be presenting workshops in August and September to review these features, but here is a breakdown of some of the new things you can do in PowerPoint.

  • Sections: With Sections, you can create subgroups to better organize and manipulate your slides and apply transitions.
  • Video options: You can make adjustments to the look of your video such as adding a frame and color mask, and you can bookmark specific places within a video and trim unwanted portions.
  • Collaborating: The review feature in Word and Excel is now available in PowerPoint; you can easily add comments and track changes made to a presentation.
  • Sharing: Save your presentation as a video that you can embed in a website or upload to YouTube. Sign up for a free Windows Live account, and you can upload your files to SkyDrive, or create a Web link to your presentation, and broadcast it live over the Internet.

Want to learn more? Stop by the Information Commons to use our subscription to Lynda.com. There are three Lynda training videos on the new features in Office 2010:

Time Management Fundamentals (4/19/11)

In college and beyond, effective time management is an indispensable skill.  Lynda.com has created an online course to help you use your valuable time in the most efficient manner possible. The course includes principles for staying organized, consolidating the workspace, keeping a clear mind, and developing a time budget. Also covered are techniques for managing a full inbox, processing email, and reserving time for the most important activities.  Ask at the WIC Desk or in the Digital Media Lab if you’d like us to log you in to Lynda.com so you can watch the videos.  Or check out the online workshop here:


You should also be aware of services we offer right here in the Weigle Information Commons. The Weingarten Learning Resources Center, provides walk-in assistance in Room 125 with project planning, reading, study strategies and time management:

Monday, 4 to 7 pm
Wednesday, 4 to 7 pm
Thursday, 4 to 7 pm
To contact Weingarten Learning Resources Center: phone 215-573-9235