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How to be Basic

linkedin photoThis guest post is by Amanda Gisonni, a junior studying Psychology in the College. In this post, she describes various ways to gain basic skill sets in computer software programs by using resources in the Weigle Information Commons. 

This is not what you think it is. I am not here to instruct you on how to dress or how to act “basic.”  But I will tell you how you can gain some basic skills in certain computer software programs; in other words, boost your knowledge when it comes to Excel, PowerPoint, Illustrator, and more. Weigle Information Commons offers a variety of WICshops that demonstrate some introductory topics in a hands-on approach that will help get you started.

This is the WIC Seminar Room in which many workshops are held.

WICshops give a brief but thorough introduction to these programs. They are a starting point and meant to introduce you to the essentials of each program. You will start at the beginning, with opening the program, then you will actually get to use the program and finish by learning how to save your work. Also, these workshops are for people of all skill sets! So, if you are not so tech-savvy, these classes are great for you, and they are also great for people who have some knowledge and are looking to gain more.

Some of the ones I have tried and recommend include InDesign, Photoshop Basics, Photoshop Selection Tools, PowerPoint and more. This October and November, Weigle is offering a variety of workshops for students, some of which include:

  • Introduction to Latex: For those looking to create a scientific document, learn what Latex is and the uses for it in this class. Use various documents, page layouts, fonts and images.
  • Introduction to ArcGIS I: This workshop demonstrates the software and data behind creating maps and geographic analyses. There will be simple exercises to introduce the program to beginners.
  • Introduction to Text Mining: This class is for beginners and those who have some prior experience. “Learn the why and the how of text mining, methodology, cautionary tales, and preferred tools.”
This WICshop calendar is comprehensive and easy to use.
This WICshop calendar is comprehensive and easy to use.

But why stop there? If you are too basic for these, then take some advanced classes! I recommend signing up for Advanced Illustrator Techniques and Audio and Video in PowerPoint.

Each month new WICshops are posted; check the website periodically to see if there is a workshop you are particularly interested in. I also suggest attending office hours if you have a specific question or need help with a certain program. Excel Office Hours and Copyright Office Hours are offered each week. Staff in Weigle and the Vitale Digital Media Lab will also help answer any questions you may have!



The Internship

For starters, this post is not about the movie The Internship. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve started working as a WIC-EC Program Intern and I think this is about the right time to write about my experience. Introducing myself, I’m Prathik, and I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Embedded Systems at School of Engineering and Applied Science at UPenn. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication in 2013.

the-internship-524cbe7d8d047I conducted a workshop on MATLAB at the Education Commons last week, and the response that I got was encouraging. In the future I will be organizing workshops on LaTeX, Matlab and other software / programming languages. There are a couple of workshops scheduled in upcoming weeks; please check the complete calendar of workshops and click on one to register. Continue reading The Internship


Not that I’m a big LaTex user, but I thought this was a pretty cool tool. Basically, you just draw the symbol you’re looking for, and Detexify finds the LaTex code for it. See the example I did below.

Oh, and Detextify relies on HTML5 to do its dirty work, so try to stick with Opera 9.6 / Firefox 3.5 / Safari 4 or better.