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Congrats to Tanya Johnson!

Congratulations to WIC’s graduate intern and Excel tutor extraordinaire, Tanya Johnson, for winning the American Library Association’s 2016 LITA/Ex Libris Student Writing Award!  Tanya’s paper, “Let’s Get Virtual: An Examination of Best Practices to Provide Public Access to Digital Versions of Three-Dimensional Objects,” will be published in the peer-reviewed journal, Information Technology and Libraries.  In the meantime, Tanya is off celebrating in Florida, where she will receive the award at the ALA Annual Conference on Sunday.

Read the ALA’s newsletter announcing the award, and keep an eye out for her paper in an upcoming issue of Information Technology and Libraries!


Jaime — new WIC Intern!

Hello PennWIC Readers– I’m Jaime!


I’m a brand new intern who just started last week. I’m very excited to share information and stories with you all about tech, education, and the library. As a book native and a millennial, I’m interested in hearing what’s on your desks this fall. As I type this, I’m looking at the September Issue of Wired, and longing to flip through its glossy pages. A complicated photo of Edward Snowden hugging the American flag is on the cover: Continue reading Jaime — new WIC Intern!

Goodbye Yuting!

image of WIC staff
Lindsey, Anu, Caitlin and Yuting, posed according to Yuting’s specifications.

This month we said goodbye to Yuting Wang, a WIC Desk intern who completed the TESOL program at Penn GSE this past May. Yuting joined our staff in March 2012. She brought great energy to her work at the WIC desk. She taught our Prezi workshops and helped out at WIC events like the annual Penn International Experiences Festival (see a photo of her handing out raffle tickets here). Yuting also wrote for our blog, including a great post about her experiences doing research at Penn back in May.

Not only has Yuting left Penn, but she is no longer on this continent! Yuting is going on to work as a classroom teacher at Western International School of Shanghai, in her home city. While her students are lucky to have her (and I’m sure her family is happy to have her back!), we will definitely miss her enthusiasm and her smile here in the Commons.

image of WIC staff
Yuting and David, hanging tough.

A Tale of Two Caitlins

Cait at the Library SocialThis weekend, we say goodbye to one of our awesome WIC Desk Interns, Cait Gerrity. Cait was one of our presentation software gurus, teaching some of our most popular workshops on Prezi and PowerPoint. She also spent time at the WIC Desk fielding all kinds of tech questions.

Cait started at WIC in January 2012, not too long after I joined the staff. Back then there were actually FOUR of us in the Commons who were named Caitlin/Kaitlin/Kaitlyn. She was strong-armed by me graciously agreed to go by Cait to alleviate some of the confusion (and just for the record, we use the original spelling).

Cait is going on to work as a librarian at Penn Treaty Middle School, and they are so lucky to have her. While we’re sad to see her go, we are so thrilled that she is going on to do such important work. Best of luck, Cait!

Staff Calendar – find us more easily

You may have noticed over the past few weeks some changes to our WIC staff page. Anu blogged recently about new faces. Each desk intern has listed the programs, tools, and computer languages we are most comfortable with. Though we all like to think of ourselves as well-rounded in our tech skills, each intern has their own unique strengths in web and software topics. We welcome you to consult the page to see which of us might be best to ask about a particular topic.

We have just added to the page our desk intern calendar. Consult this to check when the “Excel Intern”, or the “Prezi Intern” is next staffing the desk.

WIC Desk Intern Calendar