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New Instagram Filters!

Hi Team! Are you as excited as I am for the three new filters Instagram rolled out this week? We’ve got Lark, Reyes, and Juno just in time for summer! According to Instagram, they are inspired by outdoors adventuring! Since classes ended on Wednesday and finals are about to be over, we plan to do some of that outdoor adventuring ourselves. Until then, let’s show you what the three filters look like–

photo 1

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A Fab Fall for the (Digital) Humanities

As the days get shorter and the weather much chillier, I’m not only reminded of how quickly fall semester is passing, but also of the many great humanities and digital humanities events I’ve had the chance to attend over the past few months here at Penn.

HAIKUIt seems appropriate to kick off a discussion of the humanities at Penn with the (wonderfully and fittingly named) HAIKU Conference: The Humanities and Arts in the Integrated Knowledge University. The conference, sponsored by the Office of the Provost’s Art & Culture Initiative, offered two days of multidisciplinary presentations, discussions, and performances addressing questions such as, “What do the humanities and the arts have to offer contemporary efforts to integrate distinct bodies of knowledge within the research university?” and “How will the humanities and the arts retain their specificity within this climate of integration and is it even important that they do so?” Scholars discussed topics including (but not limited to): what “art-making” means in the 21st century and the importance of the artist in the academic community; using digital storytelling to capture the history and memory of a particular community; questions of how translation can lead to inequality in representing a culture or nation; and the trajectory of creative writing programs in US higher education, as they differ from core literary programs.  The breadth in topic diversity at HAIKU indicated the continued influence of the arts and humanities on various research disciplines and how they enlighten all of us who make up the “integrated knowledge university.”

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Socializing with Social Media

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(From left: Pam Harris of Swarthmore College Libraries, and Illene Rubin and Mallika Sircar of Penn Libraries)

Back in June at PhillyDH@Penn, I presented a workshop called “Social Media Tech Tools,” which provided a show-and-tell of six different social media tools that we use here at WIC and some tips about using social media to engage our audiences. The workshop took place in Van Pelt Library’s new Collaborative Classroom, which encourages flipped classroom and active learning methods via the room setup and technology. The room is also conducive to socializing as folks are collaborating and moving around the room, making it an ideal space to discuss social media.

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Toddler Alert

Our PennWIC Blog turned two years old this month. I found it a fitting tribute that on the last day of April, today, David Toccafondi and Caitlin Shanley shared blogging ideas with colleagues at a Penn Libraries Social Media Gathering. So lovely to watch the blooming of blogs all around Penn Libraries!

PennWIC began with posts inherited from the Vitale Digital Media Lab blog. So our blog is two but our oldest post turns seven this September – almost as old as our space.

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