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Marwa Ibrahim – Hoesley Reflection 2012

Marwa Ibrahim: Hoesley Digital Literacy Program‘s 2011-12 Cohort

Before the Program: Getting to know WIC!

Weigle Information Commons (WIC) was always that place in Van Pelt where technologically apt individuals would be working with interesting programs that I hoped to become better acquainted with. I had often frequented WIC to request assistance with my own projects and get a taste of the knowledge and expertise from the friendly WIC staff. When I read the Hoesley application, I naturally jumped on the opportunity to become one of the students who would be under the tutelage of the WIC staff!

During the Program: Hands-on learning!

The Hoesley Program consisted of various hands-on sessions with a number of WIC staff who each helped familiarize us with a selection of computer software and offered his or her time if one was particularly interesting for us to learn more about. Later, while providing us with guidance for our website building assignment, the staff allowed us to have the flexibility to select our platform and engage with the programs that we had become most comfortable with. All throughout the program, the supportive environment was well suited to relax our frustrations when faced with the occasional complexities of website building!

After the Program: Once you start, the knowledge never stops!

I now walk into the Vitale Digital Media Lab for help with Photoshop and the tingle of euphoria that comes with having produced my very own design. Even more exciting, I am now encouraged by the skills I have accumulated in the program to proceed on my own with enhancing my digital literacy, especially in programs most relevant to my career goals. Thank you, WIC!

Visit My Website

I haven’t elaborated much about myself, but to that end, I encourage you to peruse my website.

Morgan Russo (4/13/11)

I’m Morgan Russo, from the first cohort of the Hoesley program. My google site was the first I had ever made, so it was quite overwhelming in the beginning. With Anu’s help I settled on google sites and put in the necessary information. It was easy – really easy. Anu showed me how to edit and change tabs around, and after a few sessions I got what I have now: https://sites.google.com/site/morgandrusso/

I would never have thought I could make a website like this!

– Morgan