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Lightning Round on April 22

Lightning Round 2015 – April 22, 10:30 AM

As part of our Engaging Students Through Technology series, we’re glad to announce Lightning Round 2015 on April 22, 10:30 am to noon, upstairs in the Kislak Center. Join us to explore creative ideas to engage students in a fast-paced format. Each presenter will share a favorite technology tool or idea with a three-minute time limit enforced by our gong. The event is designed for faculty, graduate students and staff with interest in educational technology. Videos will be shared afterwards on the Penn Libraries YouTube Channel.

Our presenters will need to talk fast!  Maybe a chat with a friendly CWiC advisor will help  shave a few seconds here and there. We have seven presentations confirmed to date – on NVivo, Storify, Palladio, E-Draw, 3D printing (two types) and Scholarly Commons. We hope to include up to twenty topics – so please step up if you have an idea to share!

This format worked great at our last Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium though the time limit was even shorter, at just two minutes. Our playlist below includes twelve videos on topics from Annotation Studio to  CAMRA to Timeline:

We look forward to the 2015 lightning round talks!

Happy New Website!

A new year, a new website! Take a sneak peek at:


It’s been a long and winding road to get here. We began discussing ways to simplify our website in 2012 at meetings of the WIC Faculty Advisory Group and the WIC Program Partners Group.  In 2013, we integrated search on our Drupal Logoblog and website. In 2014, we chose eCity to help us understand the Drupal website platform. They conducted focus groups this summer to identify expectations for the WIC and EC websites. Students, faculty and staff brought us their perspectives. We heard loud and clear the need for a mobile-friendly, visually appealing, responsive website.

Inspired by the designs of the new Penn Libraries website and the Penn Giving website, we began building pages in October. Our graduate student interns helped us with a complex moving process. We go live on January 12.

Our new website synthesizes content across the Weigle Information Commons and the Education Commons. We need your feedback to improve our new site, so please let us know what works and what does not!

Reach for the light this Halloween!

Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium 2014Register now for the 2014 Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium on October 31. Our thanks to Tayarisha Poe (we will miss her!) for the Halloween-themed logo!

Our guiding question is: How can technology empower our students, and us, as learners?

We will begin with a faculty panel featuring Jeffrey Babin, Marybeth Gasman, Jeffery Saven and Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw. Peter Decherney will facilitate our popular annual undergraduate student panel. (We welcome all students to share your thoughts on our survey!) After an informal lunch in the WIC Data Diner, we’ll explore workshop topics from hands-on Canvas to discussions on flipped-classroom teaching. We’ll wind up the day with a lightning round of two-minute talks.

What’s New with WIC iPads?

image of an iPad updatingI’m very excited to announce a new update to our iPads in the Classroom Program report!

I welcome any and all comments; please feel free to share the report widely. We originally wrote up our program back in September 2012, and since then we have seen lots of new and exciting uses in class projects. We’ve also gotten a bit more familiar with managing the devices, and I’m happy to include some general recommendations for libraries on adapting our program to their own contexts.

While we’ve come a long way, we’ve still only just begun! Faculty and staff, please get in touch with us about iPad projects for the fall semester. We are happy to add additional apps and create customized configurations for your projects. Check out some of our case studies, and get in touch with us!

Planning the 2013 Symposium

Updated 7/11/13

We have begun planning the 2013 Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium and we have set up two brainstorming sessions in the WIC Seminar Room:

  • Tuesday, July 16, Noon to 1 pm
  • Friday, July 19, 10 to 11 am

Please join us or just drop us a note with your ideas. We would like to gather ideas on guiding questions, discussion topics and tech tools. We plan to hold the symposium on Friday, November 1. In past years, the symposium has included a faculty panel, a student panel and a variety of technology exploration sessions. We envision a similar format this year.

Designed in the lab – Jacqui’s tattoo

The concept
The Photoshopped image
The final tatoo!

A couple weeks ago, Dr. Jacqui Sadashige came into the lab and told us that she planned on getting a tattoo, and she wanted our assistance in creating the design in Photoshop.

Jacqui teaches cinema-based courses for Penn’s Critical Writing program (but she’s  also known for her abilities teaching Astanga Yoga, Spinning, and
other forms of fitness.) We’ve worked with Jacqui extensively on various projects for her classes, and we were really excited to help her work on her tattoo!

The tattoo design originates from an anti-ivory campaign, and a powerful piece of graphic art by New York artist, Asher Jay.

Here in the lab, Nick helped her use Photoshop to extract the elephant from the design, and put it into a form her tattoo artist could use. Check out the progression from the original artist’s concept, to the work Nick and Jacqui did in photoshop, to the final tattoo (which she had done by Bill Stevenson at Have Fun Be Lucky Tattoo in Baltimore.)

A very big thanks to Jacqui for sharing these images with us and allowing us to post them on our blog.

Tattoo artist Bill Stevenson works on Jacqui's tattoo.
Tattoo artist Bill Stevenson works on Jacqui’s tattoo.