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Upcoming Events for Faculty

I wanted to spotlight three events of interest to Penn faculty and graduate students:

On Monday, April 11, Jamie Marie Estrada and I will hold a half-hour online discussion on the Philosophy of Social Media. (Register!)

On Wednesday, April 13, our panel on Library Resources for Faculty organized in collaboration with PASEF and ASEF-PSOM includes Will Noel, Dot Porter, Rebecca Stuhr, David Toccafondi, Sarah Wipperman and myself. Topics include liaison services, rare books, learning spaces, online persona and iPad apps. (Register!)

On Tuesday, April 26, our Engaging Students Through Technology Lightning Round 2016 is co-sponsored by camra, the Center for Teaching and Learning , the Graduate Student Center,  the Penn Language Center, the Price Lab for Digital Humanities,  SAS Computing and the Weingarten Learning Resources Center (VPUL) (Register!)

Speakers include:

  • Stefanie Alfonso on interactive e-guides
  • Etienne Benson on Using Processing in Humanities Classes
  • Rick Berman on WordPress for City Design
  • Lillyrose Veneziano Broccia on Project-Based Differentiation Via Canvas
  • Caroline Connolly on Poll Everywhere for In Class Polling
  • Delphine Dahan on Using LockDown Browser
  • Julie Davis on WordPress for Prints
  • Amy Durham on In-class Quizzes and Games
  • Andi Johnson on NVivo
  • Ethan Mollick on Looking Glass
  • Kris Rabberman on Voice Thread
  • Ana Reyes on Immersive Terf
  • Arjun Shankar on film and multimodal pedagogy
  • Catherine Turner on Topic Modelling Tool
  • Ben Wiggins on TimelineJS

Join us this April as we celebrate WIC’s 10th Birthday all month!

Reach for the light this Halloween!

Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium 2014Register now for the 2014 Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium on October 31. Our thanks to Tayarisha Poe (we will miss her!) for the Halloween-themed logo!

Our guiding question is: How can technology empower our students, and us, as learners?

We will begin with a faculty panel featuring Jeffrey Babin, Marybeth Gasman, Jeffery Saven and Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw. Peter Decherney will facilitate our popular annual undergraduate student panel. (We welcome all students to share your thoughts on our survey!) After an informal lunch in the WIC Data Diner, we’ll explore workshop topics from hands-on Canvas to discussions on flipped-classroom teaching. We’ll wind up the day with a lightning round of two-minute talks.

Using iPads in the Rare Book Room

This guest post by Cathy Turner describes her experiences with our iPads in the Classroom program:

Cathy Turner and John Pollack from the Rare Book and Manuscript Library with students

This year in my class, Literature of the Great Depression in America, I designed three class days (I called them clinics) around connecting the text-based resources of Van Pelt Library — the stacks and rare books and manuscripts — with the library’s digital resources through WIC’s iPad lending program.  While combining rare books with a more cutting edge tool might seem an unusual pairing, students found both cool and the combination solved a problem that I had getting students to understand the process and people involved in creating the types of books and magazines that readers used in the 1930s.

Students love going to the rare book room.  Even the books I show them, which are less than 100 years old, seem like relics.  For English majors, the fact that the books at Penn are often signed carries even deeper significance.  Students tell me that it is exciting to hold a book in their hand that they can imagine the authors we read, John Steinbeck or William Carlos Williams, had touched.  (They often have no idea how lucky they themselves are to be allowed to touch these things.  Few rare book and manuscript departments are as eager as Penn’s to give undergraduates access.)  Visiting the rare book room in a class on the 20th Century gives students some connection to the fairly near past, even as it feels quite distant to them. Continue reading Using iPads in the Rare Book Room