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Fun with Bengali Comics

This guest post by Mallika Sircar, library staff in our South Asia Collection, describes a visit to WIC by students who attend the Shopan Bangla School in Wilmington and the Bangla School in Bear, Delaware.

‘Fun and educational’ – these were the words used by parents to describe the experience of the Bangla School students, during their field trip to the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. The program on 19th December 2015 was a resounding success with parents and students requesting more such events.

The strong South Asia collections of the University of Pennsylvania Libraries were on display as the students explored Bengali language material. Traditional resources and modern technology were both used in tandem. Exploration of the rich Bengali children’s literature collection was an extremely popular exercise; it was followed by a story-telling session in the Kislak Special Collections Center with the use of digital tools that magnified the story book characters on a big screen. The most popular activity, however, was the creation of comic strips in Bengali by the students in the Collaborative Classroom. In a short span of time, the students were able to write a story using pictures and Bengali script, which was truly commendable. The event concluded with the screening of an award-winning children’s science fiction film from the Penn Libraries’ video collection.

This trip to the University of Pennsylvania Libraries by the Bengali school community opened new doors in creative thinking for language teaching and learning.

We share below the event flyer, photos and comic books created by the students.