CALICO Monograph Launch Event

CALICOOver the past several years, WIC staff have worked closely with the Penn Language Center to assist language educators with using technology for teaching and learning. Each year, we conduct custom workshops based on topics that PLC folks have requested. We also assist educators in creating assignments and teaching students technology tools in order to complete successful digitally-mediated projects.  Language classes have used screen videos, PowerPoint, iMovie, Prezi, audience response tools, Skype, Canvas, and various other tools to create digital projects. In the video below, Melanie Peron of the French and Francophone Studies Department discusses her use of technology in the classroom, how it has developed over the past several years, and her use of the Commons in the process.

This year, we interviewed several faculty members to write a chapter for the 2015 volume of the CALICO Monograph Book Series, Researching Language Learner Interaction Online: From Social Media to MOOCs, about video creation tools we’ve worked with at WIC specifically for language education. We’re excited to celebrate the publication of the 2015 volume, edited by Ed Dixon of the Penn Language Center and Michael Thomas of the University of Central Lancashire.  This year’s volume focuses on language learning in the digitally-mediated environment and is of particular interest to language educators at Penn who are interested in incorporating technology in the classroom and/or teaching in online or blended learning environments. Technology tools mentioned in the monograph complement the PLC-sponsored May workshops at WIC. This year’s volume includes a chapter by Vickie Karasic and Anu Vedantham of Penn Libraries entitled Video Creation Tools for Language Learning:  Lessons Learned, in which they examine – through course observations, faculty interviews, and student surveys – student and faculty perceptions of the usefulness of video tools and the role of the library in technology support. We plan to Skype with several authors and have a lively conversation about language learning in the digital environment. Several articles were reviewed by experts and faculty at Penn: Jacqueline Dougherty, David James, Helen McFie Simone, Maria Paredes Fernández, Jay Treat, and Lillyrose Veneziano Broccia. Lunch will be provided.

We hope you’ll join us on May 21 from noon to 1:30pm in the Collaborative Classroom for the celebration! Please click here to register.

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