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Concerned About Self-Plagiarism?

The Penn Libraries has recently licensed iThenticate, a plagiarism checking tool intended for faculty and researchers. This companion tool to Turnitin checks materials for both for plagiarism and self-plagiarism and can also be used by graduate students and undergraduate students engaged in high level research at Penn.

iThenticate checks papers against a number of resources including scholarly databases and the internet. The plagiarism reports can also be shared between users in the event of multiple authors contributing to the same paper. For more information on using this tool, please see our documentation.

To request an account or for assistance using this tool, please contact Molly Bonnard, Courseware Services Manager at

Concerned About Plagiarism? tool that can address plagiarism concerns, is Turnitin, a plagiarism checking application that allows instructors to receive student submissions electronically and runs an originality check as part of the submission process.

The originality report checks student papers against the current and archived internet, scholarly databases, a global repository of student papers, and a Penn-only repository of student papers.

Alternately these reports can also be shared with students as a teaching tool on proper citation styles.

This product also provides an online grading tool called GradeMark which allows for on-screen grading and commenting, similar to track changes,  and a peer reviewing tool called PeerMark.

The Penn Libraries has licensed Turnitin for use in Blackboard and Canvas. For more information, please see our guides:

Please contact Molly Bonnard ( Courseware Services Manager with any questions.