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Exemplary Poster Design

Our poster printer has been humming along all year, and we have enjoyed helping students learn how to improve layout and design. This spring, we identified two exemplary posters from a large set shown at the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF) Undergraduate Research Symposium. Rick Laurent Feely gives prominence to jarring images and uses a mellow color palette to convey mood in his poster “Madhouse Messiah” about the early years of poet Allen Ginsberg.

Madhouse Messiah poster

Ollin Venegas neatly organizes the elements in his presentation to fit the narrative of his research in “Notions of Health and Manhood in a Guatemalan Gym: Patterns Contra to Machismo.”

Notions of Health and Manhood in a Guatemalan Gym poster

For more on designing research posters, consider attending our upcoming Photoshop for Research Posters workshop, which will be held on June 14th in the WIC Seminar Room.

Have You Been Storified?

WIC on StorifyDid you participate in our April Gadget Day or  THATCamp@Penn? Perhaps you posted a pithy observation, or live-tweeted? If so, you might be featured in our most recent foray into social media: Storify.

Storify creates annotated narratives out of what would otherwise be ephemeral blips of content. For our THATCamp story, we’ve pulled in Flickr photos, tweets about sessions, and reflective blog posts. For our Gadget Day story, we had fun with candy and coffee. The content is structured in a timeline format, but unlike the dynamic timelines of Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, a Storify story is static – perfect for preserving a snapshot of a single event’s buzz. Continue reading Have You Been Storified?

Borrowing the New Projection Screen

The newest addition to our equipment loan program will have you screening movies like a pro, whether in the classroom or in a dorm. We’ve just purchased a 39 x 70″ portable projection screen which, in tandem with a projector, essentially turns any space into a home theater.

For the entire movie experience, borrow a projector and the screen from our equipment lending program. You may also need a cable adapter, depending on your laptop. Hook up your laptop to the projector, set the projector on a desk or table facing the projection screen, and adjust your height as needed. Please only use the screen indoors. Continue reading Borrowing the New Projection Screen

Prezi U Ambassador Program

Prezi U Ambassador ProgramHave you ever found yourself converting friends from PowerPoint to Prezi? Evangelizing about animations? You might be interested in a position as a Prezi ambassador.

Prezi campus representatives focus on promotion, market research, and create sample presentations for college campuses. In return, students can potentially earn course or internship credit and a free EDU Pro license of Prezi, among other perks.

Penn students have acted as software and tech representatives in the past, using their experience to teach workshops in WIC. Apple Campus Representative Nathan Tien, for example, will be teaching a workshop on iCloud tonight from 7-8 pm in the WIC Seminar Room. We hope to see a Prezi ambassador teaching WICshops in the near future!

PixelWIC – Exploring LearnSpace

Thanks to John MacDermott from SAS Computing, we are excited about LearnSpace, a new program from Pixelture. We’ve just added this to the WIC Seminar room. Now, windows from many computers can be shared on the projector screen over wireless internet.

Shared screen using windows from multiple computersThe program is simple. The client is free to download. Our seminar room has the cool address – once you connect, every window gets a small “share” button on top. When you share a window, it lives on a “shelf” where everyone in the room can access it easily and rearrange the layout. The image at right shows three windows from different machines shared on one screen. Continue reading PixelWIC – Exploring LearnSpace

Lab blog flows into PennWIC

Vitale Digital Media Lab and PennWIC blogs mergeBlogs unite! This week, we brought the five-year-old Vitale Digital Media Lab Blog into the PennWIC blog. As you can see from the Archives section on the right sidebar, our blog now has over 600 posts, and posts reach back in time to September 2006. (The Commons opened in April 2006.)

We’re hoping that bringing together the blogs will make it easier to find posts of interest to you. For example, clicking on the mashup link in our Tag Cloud now brings up posts about the annual Mashup Contest as well as examples found by all of us here at WIC.

To find just the posts related to the digital media lab, click on the “Vitale Digital Media Lab” tab at the top of the page. What do you think of our blog merge? We welcome your comments!

Staff Calendar – find us more easily

You may have noticed over the past few weeks some changes to our WIC staff page. Anu blogged recently about new faces. Each desk intern has listed the programs, tools, and computer languages we are most comfortable with. Though we all like to think of ourselves as well-rounded in our tech skills, each intern has their own unique strengths in web and software topics. We welcome you to consult the page to see which of us might be best to ask about a particular topic.

We have just added to the page our desk intern calendar. Consult this to check when the “Excel Intern”, or the “Prezi Intern” is next staffing the desk.

WIC Desk Intern Calendar