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SketchUp in Theatre Design

This semester, I’ve had a chance to work more closely with 3D partSet designed in "Introduction to Theatre Design" modeling tools, as I’ve been assisting Eric Barratta’s Introduction to Theater Design class. Although I am well-versed with tools such as SolidWorks and PTC Creo, which allow you to control fine    details in manufacturing drawings, I find that building larger systems often present limitations and make evident the various complexities of part-modeling software and above all are way too time consuming.

As I wrote about last semester, we’ve had much demand for trainings on SketchUp as 3D modeling becomes more popular in various disciplines. 3D printing facilities around the campus added further fascination to learn 3D modeling software among patrons; being relatively easy to learn and free, SketchUp comes in really handy. Continue reading SketchUp in Theatre Design

SketchUp Software

I have used a lot of 3D modeling tools mainly to design and develop products and to create simple scenarios. I have found SketchUp to be a great toolgoogle-sketchup-2.

It allows you to create 3D models of everything and anything you want – it’s intuitive, fun and free for anyone to use. If you want to redecorate your living room, invent a new piece of furniture, model your city for Google Earth or make a stage for a theater production, nothing could be simpler and faster than SketchUp. It has been designed for architects, engineers as well as film makers, game developers and related professions.

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Conference Takeaway

It isconference kit.png2 our pleasure to announce two new “Conference kits” reservable online for faculty to borrow from the Vitale Digital Media Lab at the Weigle Information Commons. The kits can be borrowed for up to eight days. Each kit contains an Apple Mac-book Air and several video adapters to make it easy to present at a conference (as well as in a classroom).

To reserve, login to WebCheckout with Pennkey, click on “Add Resource”, and look under “Presentation Aids” for the “Laptop Presenter Kits”. Please review our equipment lending guidelines for loan details. WIC provides workshops and tutorials on presentation software such as Prezi and PowerPoint, so let us know how we can help make your next conference presentation the best it can be!