Jaime — new WIC Intern!

Hello PennWIC Readers– I’m Jaime! I’m a brand new intern who just started last week. I’m very excited to share information and stories with you all about tech, education, and the library. As a book native and a millennial, I’m interested in hearing what’s on your desks this fall. As I type this, I’m looking … Continue reading Jaime — new WIC Intern!

Digital Fluencies / Web Design / SEO workshops at Weigle this month!

This month is packed full of workshop goodness at Weigle!  To help you build your web presence and take control of your digital footprint, graduate interns Chava Spivak-Birndorf and Jaime Marie Estrada are teaching a series of complementary workshops on social media, digital fluencies, and web design. Here’s are some quick tips to give you a small … Continue reading Digital Fluencies / Web Design / SEO workshops at Weigle this month!

Sara Leavens: Communications, Marketing, and Social Media Coordinator

This blog post is the kick-off for a series of profiles that I will be doing on Penn Libraries staff and how their work coincides with the use of social media to reach patrons both traditionally (as in, in-person) and digitally (as in, via blogs, social media, websites, etc.). The Penn Libraries has been a personal, … Continue reading Sara Leavens: Communications, Marketing, and Social Media Coordinator

Social Media at the Commons: Facebook

Hi, there! I’m Jaime and I’ve been consulting/interning here at the Commons since 2014. My personal passion is helping students, staff, and faculty learn how to connect their personal and professional brands online by engaging with others on social media. This past Saturday, I worked with two long-time patrons dedicated to getting their social media … Continue reading Social Media at the Commons: Facebook

Leah Davidson, 2014 Seltzer winner, photographs her travels to India and Peru

This is an interview with Leah Davidson, a rising junior at Wharton, who was awarded one of our Seltzer Digital Media Awards in 2014 in order to pursue research in Peru and India: “Leah Davidson W’16 … explore[d] social entrepreneurship in Peru and India under the guidance of Ian MacMillan, the Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of … Continue reading Leah Davidson, 2014 Seltzer winner, photographs her travels to India and Peru

Interview with Audrey Harnagel

 Audrey Harnagel, rising Penn senior, recently completed the Hoesley Digital Literacy Fellows Program. As we enter summer, we would like to acknowledge some of the incredible collaborations we’ve had with students this year. Today we’re delving into the work of Audrey Harnegel, a rising senior at Penn, who works in multiple disciplines and was a … Continue reading Interview with Audrey Harnagel

Symposium 2014 Wrap-Up

This year’s Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium was a great success with over 130 attendees from all 12 schools at Penn! Our guiding question this year was: “How can technology empower our students, and us, as learners?” Students from all over Penn took our pre-Symposium “Make Your Voice Count!” survey, and their words helped guide … Continue reading Symposium 2014 Wrap-Up

Why Social Media?

Why social media at Penn? Social media at Penn and in college, graduate school, and in the professional world is not about scrubbing all traces of who you are off the internet. It’s about creating content that you are “sincerely” passionate about engaging with and making connections online that will lead to IRL experiences like … Continue reading Why Social Media?

Upcoming Events for Faculty

I wanted to spotlight three events of interest to Penn faculty and graduate students: On Monday, April 11, Jamie Marie Estrada and I will hold a half-hour online discussion on the Philosophy of Social Media. (Register!) On Wednesday, April 13, our panel on Library Resources for Faculty organized in collaboration with PASEF and ASEF-PSOM includes Will Noel, Dot Porter, Rebecca Stuhr, … Continue reading Upcoming Events for Faculty