Celebrate Halloween with PicMonkey


Happy almost Halloween! Personally, I think Halloween is the best part of the season–costumes, candy, and decorations! For that last part, PicMonkey offers some free seasonal photo editing tools to make some fun DIY decor.


To get started, just open a photo in PicMonkey. You will see an icon of a cat–this is for the Halloween themes.



As you can see, there is a lot to choose from! Each theme allows you to change skin and eye color and add textures, effects, and some unpleasant facial features like decayed teeth and pockmarks.

For those of us less experienced with photo editing, this is a free and easy way to create some Halloween decorations–just casually replace some of the existing photos in your dorm or apartment with your new Halloween versions and see if anyone notices!

Most of the features are free to use, but some require an upgraded membership. However, you can do a lot with the free version! I experimented on some of our Intern photos:



First up is Tanya Johnson, resident vampire. Seek her out after sundown for help with Excel, but consider wearing a turtleneck.

Liz Crowder, Wicked Intern of WIC is a great resource for web design and blogging assistance. If you see her stirring a cauldron, though, you may want to reschedule your appointment.



Meaghan Moody, resident representative of the undead, is an expert on accessibility! Make sure to see her outside of mealtimes–she isn’t a picky eater.




Lahari Uppuluri is a Microsoft Office expert. You can find her haunting the booths at WIC during her Monday office hours.





As you can see, there are a lot of options for quick-and-easy photo editing with PicMonkey. I have little to no talent in this area and was able to play around until I achieved the desired spooky effect. And remember, we interns are all here and happy to help–don’t be scared to ask! Happy Halloween from the Weigle Information Commons staff!

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