The Lightning Round: Strikingly Effective Presentations

Kara Moranski
Dr. Kara Moranski

Dr. Kara Moranski is a Spanish Language Course Coordinator in the Department of Romance Languages. In her guest post below, she reflects on her experiences at last year’s Lightning Round and invites you to join this year’s event. Kara serves on the planning team for the 2015 Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium.

Last October I attended my first Lightning Round at the 2014 Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium. I was not entirely sure what to expect; each presentation was to last just two minutes. Would it be effective? Would the presentations really be kept to the two-minute time limit?

I had the answer to that second question when I saw the gong that would be used to keep time. Before I knew it, we were three presentations in and Ula Cutten from English Language Programs was describing EDPuzzle, an incredibly useful tool that can annotate and add questions to videos from the web. I immediately imagined several different ways that this would be beneficial for students in my classes. A few more rings of the gong and I was listening to my colleague Geraldine Lebaudy (Romance Languages) explain the innovative ways in which she was using Canvas videos in her Business Spanish courses.  The Lightning Round went by as fast as, well, lightning, and I left with several new pedagogical tools that I could begin using immediately – tools that were already working for fellow educators here at the University of Pennsylvania.

I am thrilled that the Lightning Round will be back for this year’s Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium. We hope to see you there!

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