Stats Software Help @ WIC

yaniAt WIC, you can already get help with writing, speaking, technology, copyright and more. In addition, we’re glad to announce that Yani Liang will be providing assistance with statistical software including SPSS, STATA, R and Excel.

Yani can assist you with statistical software including SPSS, STATA, R and Excel.  She is willing to answer questions about proper commands in R, operations in SPSS, STATA, and EXCEL. She can also provide guide on statistic modeling and graphic design with explicit requirement. However, the assistance is not intended to help students choose the statistical methods, graph, or charts to be used for their research. How to conduct the data analysis and interpretation should be based on your own ideas and discipline-specific expectations.

Yani is a second year master student at School of Design, studying City Planning with a concentration in Transportation. Her statistical experience covers both natural science and social science. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Environmental Management, along with a Computer Science Minor from University of Waterloo.

Yani will be offering statistics help by appointment on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at WIC in room 116 starting on September 9th. You can request an appointment with her online.

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