Re-Imagining Spaces

Arch 208
ARCH 208 Active Learning Classroom

At the request of Jeanne Narum, John MacDermott and I recently authored a “snapshot” for the Learning Spaces Collaboratory as an update to the webinar I presented last summer. Ours is one of several snapshots on the LSC Webinars page.

The snapshot emphasizes the importance of reflection and iteration on how we manage learning spaces. We discussed how comments from faculty and students inform our decisions to launch new programs. We reflected on the focus group sessions we created this past spring with our colleague John Merz from College House Computing. Through the process of listening to students, we gained a deeper understanding of how they experience different study spaces over the course of their days. We brought in lessons learned from our colleagues Bruce Lenthall from the Center for Teaching and Learning and Deirdre Woods from Open Learning about the growth of active learning classrooms around the Penn campus.

Our thanks to Kim Eke, Eric Janec, Sara Leavens and Vickie Karasic here at Penn Libraries for their assistance with this snapshot.

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