Penn Medicine and Wharton Learning Lab Simulation at Penn Libraries

Penn Presbyterian Management Team with Sarah Toms (Wharton Learning Lab) in the Collaborative Classroom
(left to right) Sarah Toms, DuWayne Barrett and the Penn Presbyterian Patient Access management team in the Collaborative Classroom
Patient Access managers strategize together in WIC study room

DuWayne Barrett leads the Patient Access department at Penn Presbyterian Hospital.  Managing an annual flow of over 40,000 out-patient and 14,000 in-patient encounters, the department is the access portal for every patient entering the hospital.  DuWayne had been searching for a dynamic team-building and learning experience for the Patient Access management team.  Sarah Toms, IT Director of the Wharton Learning Lab, had the perfect solution: simulation.

On Thursday, June 25 DuWayne’s team of 15 managers gathered in the Van Pelt Collaborative Classroom to play the OPEQ simulation game.  Originally developed by Wharton professor Maurice Schweitzer, OPEQ allows players to work in teams to experiment with dynamics of cooperation and competition.

Face-to-face negotiation session

Members of the Patient Access Management Team, working in pairs, broke out into the WIC group study rooms to assume the role of oil production leaders for a fictitious country. Together, all teams’ choices have an impact on the global economy.  With each subsequent level of the simulation, unexpected events are introduced, increasing the tension and complexity of the game.  Still, players must exercise strategic negotiation and communication skills in order to cooperate with their partner and with other “countries” through virtual and face-to-face meetings.

Simulations offer exciting, interactive experiences that truly change the way students and professionals learn.  Wharton Learning Lab simulations are not just limited to Wharton students and faculty.  A range of simulations are available to suit a variety of learning objectives across all disciplines. If you or faculty you support are interested in using simulated experiential learning, please visit the Wharton Learning Lab’s website.  You will find a full catalog of simulation offerings and contact information to get started.

Sarah Toms leads team debrief in the Van Pelt Collaborative Classroom

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