Making Comics in the Vitale Digital Media Lab

catie_comics_1Catie Carberry  is using an 11×17 lightbox we have available to use here in the Vitale Digital Media Lab to trace the lettering onto the final layout for her comic book.

In her class, ENGL 122 — Making Comics, taught in the Library’s Collaborative Classroom , Penn English Professor JC Cloutier and cartoonist Rob Berry “expose students to the unique language of visual storytelling popularly referred to as comics or graphic novels.”  See the course website at

“I’ll be a middle school English teacher next year,” Catie said, “and I wanted to learn more about different forms so that I’ll be able to help my students who are more visually oriented.”

Their final project is to create a full 25-page comic, which is no mean feat. Catie (along with her partners Anthony and Chang) are making a comic called “Roomies” about 3 roommates trying to live together, with all of the typical problems that brings, but she says they they also “mixed in some cult activity.”

The final comics are due in a week!  I’m really looking forward to seeing the final product!

p.s.  Penn and the Penn Libraries are no strangers to making comics.  Check out the events and exhibits we had during The Year of the Comic


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