Join the Early Books Collective!

The Early Books Collective officially begins on Wednesday, January 28, 3:00 p.m and continues on Wednesdays throughout the semester:  Vitale II Media Lab, Kislak Center, 6th Floor, Van Pelt Library. Register in advance or drop in.

We invite undergraduate students (and all interested parties) to join the collective to learn the TEI encoding language and to transcribe the the 17th century text: The Booke of Prittie Conceites–very merry, and very pleasant, and good to be read of all such as doe delight in new and merry conceites.

Why join the collective?

We will be working with the Early English Books Online (the EEBO database) Text Creation Partnership (TCP).  If you are interested in Early Modern or Renaissance studies from any discipline, love books and deciphering unusual print and typography this collective is for you. EEBO is an important database for primary texts from the 15th through 17th century. You’ll become close friends with the “long s” and an expert at deciphering ambiguous spelling and creative abbreviations.

Interested in the digital humanities?  The TEI encoding language is the encoding language used to transcribe and encode the texts in the Text Creation Partnership. This will be a valuable skill for your digital humanities toolbox.

We already mentioned the opportunity to work closely with  16th and 17th century texts–you’ll be reading and recording every word. Enjoy the language and style of early modern English.

Do you enjoy puzzles and challenges? Learning TEI means we’ll be working through problems and being creative with problem solving together.

Finally, make your mark on an important scholarly tool. We’ll be contributing our transcribed text back to the EEBO database and the Text Creation Partnership.

Join us! We’re looking forward to working with you.

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