Announcing camra@Penn Fellowships – Apply now!

Graphic.phpWe’re excited to share a note from our partners at camra@Penn, a great campus organization promoting new media literacies. camra@Penn is accepting applications for the SSMF 2015 Fellows Program from undergraduate and master’s degree students for a January 26 deadline.

The SSMF Fellows Program provides undergraduate scholars and media makers at the University of Pennsylvania with the opportunity to explore and engage multiple media forms for their own research projects with the support and guidance of experienced researchers. Fellows must show interested in an individual media-based project they would like to work on during the program. This can be for a course requirement, an independent project, or a senior thesis.

Each Fellow will become part of the camra community and attend special fellow events during the spring 2015 semester, attend the Media Festival (March 27-28), and work one-on-one with a camra mentor on their projects. In May, Fellows will have the option of submitting their media work in a camra Media Projects Competition. Apply online before January 26.

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