Re:humanities DH Conference

For all undergraduates interested in Digital Humanities, there is a very exciting opportunity coming up to get more involved in the field, have your work showcased, and meet other undergrads and professors who share your DH interests:

Re:Humanities is the first national digital humanities conference of, for, and by undergraduates, now in its fifth year. The conference’s theme for this year is “Save, Share, Self-Destruct.” It is organized by Re:Hum Working Group, comprised of students from Haverford, Bryn Mawr, and Swarthmore Colleges. The group seeks undergraduates who engage with contemporary currents in digital humanities, scholars who both apply digital methodologies in traditional humanities research while posing critical questions about those technologies. As the only national DH conference run by and for students, Re:Humanities explores all aspects of digital scholarship through multimodal approaches.  The conference, this year at Swarthmore College, will take place from April 9-10, 2015.

The group invites all Penn undergrads (especially those interested in Digital Humanities) to submit a proposal on criticisms or projects at all stages. The submission deadline is January 1, 2015 (Midnight GMT).

Please come and talk to us if you need help developing or carrying out an idea.  This is a very exciting opportunity and our staff at WIC would be excited to make appointments and help you with whichever project you choose.

Proposals that are concerned with but not limited to the following are encouraged:

* Criticism of new media technologies and practices

* Archiving of personal and academic texts and literatures through new technologies and media

* Collaboration and solidarity in the digital humanities

* Hybrid practices, interdisciplinary media, and subversion of cultural and political norms

* Intersections between academic research and a public audience

* Public preservation of histories and cultures

* Risk, trial, and error in new media

* Privacy: digital footprints, cloud storage, and Big Data

* Self-destructing data and Do Not Track technology

* Identity as shaped by excessive information or data deprivation

Explore some of our resources here at WIC, on Student Work Showcase, Demystifying the Digital Humanities, Playing Games with Metadata, and the Penn Humanities Forum for ideas.

For updates, stay connected on Twitter, Facebook  and check out the video from last year’s event

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