Stats Software Help @ WIC

Douglas AllenAt WIC, you can already get help with writing, speaking, technology, copyright and more. In addition, we’re glad to announce that Douglas Allen will begin providing assistance with statistical software. (Douglas was here last year thanks to GAPSA support.) Douglas will assist you in collaboration with Lauris Olson.

Douglas can assist you with statistical software including STATA, SPSS, R and Excel. He welcomes questions about proper commands, seeking help with compiling useful syntax files for repeated analyses, or troubleshooting issues with data processing. He cautions that his assistance is not intended to help students decide on the suitability of a given statistical method for their research, pick which datasets to use, or interpret results.
Douglas  is a fourth year doctoral student at the Annenberg School for Communication. His research investigates how public interest journalism will survive as it transitions into the digital age and moves increasingly online where advertising support is harder to find and norms of free access discourage paying for content. He has his Bachelors in Economics and his Masters degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University, and several years of experience as an energy consultant in California.

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