5 Must-Have Apps for Students

kelliThis guest post by Kelli Liu, a sophomore from southern California majoring in biology and Apple campus representative, provides recommendations on apps. This post reflects Kelli’s personal opinions and should not be construed as an endorsement by Penn Libraries.

With the industry for app development booming, trying to navigate the app market is overwhelming and often times exhausting. While it’s nice to have so many options, it’s easy to settle for an application even if there’s an even better option out there for you, and it’s especially easy to scroll right past an app that could change your life, or at least the way you work.

Here’s a guide to some must-have, top rated apps that are certainly worth the download, and definitely worth the price—free! So check them out, download them, and enjoy the luxuries of this generation’s application boom.

1. F.lux

Ever check your phone at night only to get blinded by the screen? Ever try to read a text in the daytime only to find your phone is too dim? Navigating your way through settings or messing around with control center isn’t a huge labor, but wouldn’t it be easier if your phone just did it for you?

My friend has been urging me to download F.lux, and being a skeptic that I am, I refrained for a long time. Two weeks ago I downloaded it, and it certainly lives up to all of its rave reviews.

2. Monolingual

With people downloading movies, textbooks, and hundreds of photos, the need for storage space is more crucial then ever. I try to clean out my computer once a month to throw out old downloads or applications that I don’t use any more just to make more space. However, these old files really aren’t the problem. Word documents and photos hardly take up any space in broad perspective. A lot of space is occupied with programs and information that your computer was pre-loaded with. One of these space stealers is the bank of languages that your computer stores just in case you want to convert your computer to Flemish, Urdu, or whatever language you will never learn how to speak.

Monolingual allows you to cut out these languages from your computer’s bank, so you save tons of space that used to be devoted to saving loads upon loads of foreign languages. Definitely download monolingual if you are like me and find yourself discarding documents that you don’t really want to, but don’t think you have any other choice to clear up some space.

3. ExamTime

As a student, having all of your academic materials you need in one place organized and ready is extremely useful and effective. A productivity to enhance learning, ExamTime helps with a wide range of student activities from projects to scheduling to presentations. Armed with a complexity of abilities to ease the study grind, ExamTime is definitely worth the time to test out.

4. Sworkit

Another problem faced by busy students is clearing up space to head to the gym during the week. Often times we find our gym time is the first thing sacrificed to fit in another GBM or study session, and while keeping up with social and academic events is extremely important, we shouldn’t forgo staying in shape in the process.

Sworkit provides the perfect alternative to this dilemma. It is built to accommodate any schedule without abandoning a little exercise. A circuit training app, Sworkit builds a custom workout for any place, any time requiring only your body weight a couple minutes of your time.

5. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

If you are like me, the ability to wake up at 7:30 for high school seems inconceivable. I have certainly lost my knack of being an early riser, and often times my ability to wake up to alarms—and then stay awake. Too often have I turned off my alarm only to wake up an hour later and have to scramble into class a half an hour late—or worse, miss it completely.

Sleep If U Can offers a unique alarm that forces you to wake up at your alarm by forcing you to get up and move around in order to turn it off. Instead of simply pressing a button, Sleep If U Can requires a photo (like of your sink, desk, etc.) to deactivate its alarm. Cool, huh?