Jaime — new WIC Intern!

Hello PennWIC Readers– I’m Jaime!


I’m a brand new intern who just started last week. I’m very excited to share information and stories with you all about tech, education, and the library. As a book native and a millennial, I’m interested in hearing what’s on your desks this fall. As I type this, I’m looking at the September Issue of Wired, and longing to flip through its glossy pages. A complicated photo of Edward Snowden hugging the American flag is on the cover:


I’m not sure if I’m supposed to sympathize with him or feel sorry for him. What controversial figures in tech are on your minds this fall? Or are you just excited for all of our tech classes? Speaking of WICshops, my friend Marta, a new graduate student at SP2, commented on my Instagram photo of Penn WIC from my first Saturday on the job to tell me how pumped she is to take advantage of our resources–

Byj0X7TCUAEICk5 (1)I have to say, I’m very excited to work with fellow students! I started off at Penn in publishing (in fact I am still in publishing at Penn!). One of the big questions in publishing is how readers will engage with the written word in coming years–will it be through ereaders, the print book, magazines, journals, or all online databases only?

Please help satiate my curiosity and tell me what gets your blood pumping and your heart racing in regards to your fall reading. Is it the New Yorker? Is it Wired? Is it a tech blog? Is it your own blog? Are you getting all your tech and educational news on social media now? If so, which platforms?

In other news, I lucked into one of those coveted “invite-only” accounts on Ello. Ello is being billed in the tech world as an “anti-Facebook” social media site. Here is their “manifesto.” Privacy concerns reign supreme. No one can question the rise of the importance of big data and issues in privacy that are coming into debate with recent changes in the terms of use for many social media sites. So, do you think you will join the Ello platform? Is it worth the hype?

If not, which social media sites do you use and for what uses? I personally have a LinkedIn for work, a Twitter for news, a Facebook to connect with friends and certain colleagues, an Instagram to “curate” and document my life, and a WordPress for my college alumni club in Philadelphia.

My social media accounts all serve different needs I have for interacting with the “interwebz.” I am not sure yet where Ello fits in or if it will take off. We will see! Digital Projects Fellow, Vickie Karasic, has also written about social media and the uses for different accounts. She taught an excellent class on six major different tech tools we all should be using and why. I’m linking her great overview here. The most useful piece of that document, I think, for all the patrons of the WIC is to understand how different social media platforms can be used as scholarly or professional tools. Here is Vickie’s wonderful chart:


I’m looking forward to meeting many of you and talking about social media/tech/education this semester. I’m here on Saturdays from 12pm – 4pm. Come stop by and say hello! Tweet at me @Jaime_Marie or the Penn WIC account @PennWIC to let me know what you’re reading!

Don’t forget to sign up for our WordPress Basics Class, with Natalie Lyon, on October 23rd if you’re interested in learning how to build your social media community!

-Jaime Marie Estrada
Penn WIC Grad Intern

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