Student Panel Highlights

slider on wic siteNow that the dust has settled on another academic year and we begin preparations for fall, it’s useful to look back and reflect on what we’ve learned. This past November, students gathered for a panel discussion at the Engaging Students Through Technology Symposium facilitated by Urban Studies faculty member Andrew Lamas Together, they explored which new media teaching strategies work best, how to build a better classroom, the ways in which education might evolve, and much more.

At one point, the panel debated over what level of quality videos should be in order to be truly helpful in the classroom. This discussion is particularly useful to teachers wondering what it is that students are looking for in supplementary digital content.

Later, Michelle Ho made some daring statements about the future of pedagogy that may shock some viewers. Her vision of the future may seem like science fiction–a dream or a nightmare depending on your point of view. Please feel free to share your reactions in the comments section!

We’ve edited clips from the panel into a YouTube playlist with more thoughts from the panel, so take a look and keep the discussion going!

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