The World Cup is coming!

Cheers! The 2014 World Cup is coming this summer! Although I am not a fan of soccer, I know many of you are! So in this post, let me share the official schedule and a useful tip in Excel so that you won’t miss any games!

You can download the 2014 World Cup Final Tournament Schedule here.

There are so many games packed into June! Let us explore Conditional Formatting in Excel so you can quickly find the games happening on each day, like this:

1  After applying Conditional Formatting: 2

Here is how it works:

1. Select the range you want to apply Conditional Formatting, in this case, C7 to C54.

2. Under [HOME] ribbon, [Styles] Group, select [Conditional Formatting], and then hit [New Rule]


3. In the dialogue box, under [Select a Rule Type], choose the last one [Use a formula to determine which cells to format]


4. In the formula bar, type the formula: =IF(C7 – TODAY()=0,1,0). (You can refer here to see detailed instructions for formulas and functions.) And then, click the [format] button, add a format for highlighted cells.

Done! Can you see the highlighted cells now?

As always, if  you have questions about any aspects of Excel, please stop by the Weigle Information Commons during my weekly Excel Office Hours!

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