Way to go Jean Lee!

Jean Lee C’09 is in the news this week. Her new film project The Tortoise and its Tail has been selected as the Indiewire Project of the Day. It’s in the running for Project of the Week via Indiegogo and you can vote (email confirmation needed) until May 23.

Jean has been chosen as one of the Penn Alumni You Should Know About and her film selected by the prestigious AFI Directing Workshop for Women, so lots of love heading her way recently! She has taken on a complex, controversial topic. As she describes it: “A short film about Daniel, a recovering sex offender, who breaks parole on Halloween to go on an adventure with his estranged daughter.”

Jean received won one of our Seltzer awards back in 2008 – the first year we made awards. I remember clearly when I first met Jean.

She had not used a video-camera before and was full of nervousness. We helped her get started in the Vitale Digital Media Lab. Peter Decherney and I worried together about her personal safety after hearing her exciting stories about staking out a corner in North Kensington and filming until late in the nights. Peter organized a standing-room only crowd for her first movie showing. That first film “We Do Not Exist” was about human trafficking in Philadelphia.

Jean graduated in 2009 with a double major in English and Cinema Studies. So much has happened since then! When we first met, Jean had been planning to go to law school. It looks like the allure of film-making has led her down a very different career path. She is delving deep into topics that are the core of being human. I am looking forward to her new film!

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