Happy Third Birthday, PennWIC!

We are celebrating PennWIC’s third birthday and WIC’s eighth birthday with a new look!

In April 2006, WIC opened. In April 2011, at Peter Decherney’s suggestion, we started PennWIC. I can’t believe the growth we have seen, with over 71,900 views to date. In April 2011, we had 300 views, and this April we had 3,490 views. We are up to 900 posts now with lots of voices in the mix.

Our five top posts of all time, in order, are:

  1. Moving Final Cut Pro 7 Projects into Premiere Pro CS6 by Lindsey Martin
  2. Google Maps vs. Bing Maps by Stephanie Miller
  3. Converting your InDesign document into an eBook by Nick Salvatore
  4. A Review of iPad Styluses by David Toccafondi
  5. New Features in PowerPoint 2010 by Nancy Bellafante

PennWIC has always had a quirky feel. I’m remembering posts about tattoos, yellow sweaters, manatees and beards. I’m sure you have your own favorite.

We have featured student work (wordles, alternative resumes, iPads on the first day of class), faculty work (Storify-ing Environmental Studies, Legacy of Courage Film Screening, iPads and rare books) and staff work (Love Letter, M’Aidez).

There are many people to thank for our new look. After looking through options for responsive themes last fall with Caitlin Shanley’s assistance, we settled in on the Twenty Thirteen theme. David Mowl and John Brilla brought in our new booth fabric in January. The fun pattern inspired our header image, and Leslie Vallhonrat helped us improve its branding aspects. Our Desk Intern Natalie Lyon and our Web Assistant Sneha Kumar did  speedy CSS web work.

What changes did we make? We decided to declutter the front page. We went with a large typeface for post titles, and a simple header. We moved our blogroll and tag cloud to the About page. Please let us know what you think!

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