Scholarship, De-Printed

Scholarship, De-PrintedWe are excited to announce Scholarship, De-Printed, a unique one-day event for humanities graduate students on Wednesday, May 14.  The day aims to provide graduate students with training in video production for recording and sharing their own research, with the goal of producing a 3-minute video.  Workshops throughout the day will be led by current graduate students in Communication and Hispanic Studies Departments. The day will conclude with refreshments and an informal showcase of the videos that participants have created.

For more information, please see the event website, which includes a link to the registration form.  Spaces are limited; priority will be given to graduate students in Germanic, Slavic, or Romance Languages and Literatures.  Graduate students in other humanities departments are welcome to register, as well as those from SAS at large (with 10 spots now open for SAS students). Event organizers will keep these registrations on a wait-list and confirm registration on Wednesday, May 7, if seats are available.

We are excited to share in what promises to be a valuable and enjoyable event for all involved!

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