Manatees, music and more: online stress relievers


Stress. With the migration from Blackboard to Canvas this year, I definitely had my fair share. But along the way, I discovered some great online tools for helping me to manage stress that I hope you can enjoy as we approach the end of the semester. Keep calm, and study on! (Free online, free with in-app purchases for iPhone)

Take in calming scenes, the sounds of nature, and soothing music, or choose a guided or non-guided timed meditation (from 2-20 minutes). Perfect for deep relaxation in a short amount of time.

Manatee pictures with reassuring messages. A little bit silly, a little bit calming, and a whole lot of smile-inducing.

Make Everything OK

A simple button to make everything OK or at least give you some perspective. Warning: Does not guarantee passing test scores.

Silk (Free online, $2.99 for iOS)

“Interactive generative art.” Paint online with calming background noise.

About Catherine Odson

I'm the Courseware Support Librarian at Penn. I support faculty, students and staff using Blackboard and other courseware systems run by the Libraries.

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