Goodbye…and Hello!

First, the bad news:  today is my last day as a Desk Intern here at WIC.  No longer will you see my smiling face at the Information Desk as you cross into the multicolored awesomeness that is WIC.  Now, the good news:  I’ll have a space of my own nearby, as I begin my first librarian position as the inaugural Digital Projects Fellow here at WIC.  I am so very excited to stay at WIC and Penn Libraries and continue to work with all of the talented students, faculty, and staff that I’ve been lucky to meet over my almost-two-year internship here. During my time as an intern, I’ve been able to dabble in the digital humanities, learn more about and teach video/media topics (especially in PowerPoint and Canvas), and work with neat Critical Writing classes, like Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

As a Digital Projects Fellow, I look forward to new challenges, lots of ideas and energy, and a chance to work with the many people across campus who make Penn the amazing place it is.  Thank you to all at WIC, past and present, who made my internship a fun and engaging experience.  I am very much looking forward to new projects and opportunities over the next two years!

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