Conference Logo Design Contest

holding_blog_contestLong-time lab user Jarrett Stein told me about this logo-design contest.  Since we have so many design-minded individuals who use the lab and the WIC and read our blog, I thought a great way of getting the word out might be to post it right here.

The task is to design a logo for a conference on food loss and food waste. And win $100 in the process!

Food is precious and takes tremendous resources to produce.  Each night worldwide, 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry.  Yet, 1/3 of the food produced for human consumption is wasted.  An international conference is to take place in the fall 2014 at the University of Pennsylvania, to systematically address food wastage along the food supply chain (field harvest, food processing, distribution, and consumption).

About the Conference:
Conference title: The Last Food Mile: A Conference on Food Loss and Food Waste along the Food Supply Chain

Theme: The conference will garner up-to-date information on where and how much food loss and food waste occurs along the food supply chain, why it happens and where the critical control points are, what variables and factors contribute to food waste, and what policies and technologies exist to prevent food wastage.

Feature: National and international, academic and industrial, public and private entities will come together, share information, discuss strategies and methodologies, create a framework for understanding food waste and associated policy interventions, and form a network for collaboration on research, education, and outreach efforts toward food waste reduction.

Logo Contest Winner:
Winner recognition: (i) logo will be used on conference website, proceedings, handouts; along with the winner’s name, major, and school, if desired. (iii) $100 cash prize.

Logo Specs:
Simplicity is the key.
Submission: in the form of a vector graphic (svg) for print media & in png format of 3 different sizes for web usage.

April 30, 2014.  Send to:

Contact Info:
For more information, email

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