The Internship

For starters, this post is not about the movie The Internship. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve started working as a WIC-EC Program Intern and I think this is about the right time to write about my experience. Introducing myself, I’m Prathik, and I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Embedded Systems at School of Engineering and Applied Science at UPenn. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication in 2013.

the-internship-524cbe7d8d047I conducted a workshop on MATLAB at the Education Commons last week, and the response that I got was encouraging. In the future I will be organizing workshops on LaTeX, Matlab and other software / programming languages. There are a couple of workshops scheduled in upcoming weeks; please check the complete calendar of workshops and click on one to register.

Writing about my experience as an intern, it took a couple of weeks to completely understand the responsibilities that are expected of me. As I have taught workshops during my previous internship, the entire concept of time management while teaching and presenting the topics – by gauging the knowledge of the audience – was not something completely alien to me. But, since I was getting back to teaching after a long hiatus, I thought it was going to be tough. Instead, the encouraging response from the first workshop has made me comfortable.

MatlabMATLAB is a high level language and a numerical computing environment. I first used it during my sophomore year of college, and since then, every time I need to prototype something rapidly, I quickly switch to MATLAB.

800px-LaTeX_logo.svgLaTeX is a documentation tool that is more like a programming language used mostly for technical or scientific documents. Even though it seems tedious initially, the professional quality typesetting eventually draws you in. I use LaTeX to write out equations in my homework.

Hope to see you at my next workshop! Please feel free to send along topic suggestions for future workshops.

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