Make Your Own Music Video with Final Cut Pro X!

When: February 19&26, March 5; 3PM-5PM
Where: WIC Seminar Room

There’s still time to sign up for this three-part workshop where we will develop, shoot, and edit small music videos using the videography equipment that the Media Lab has to offer and Final Cut Pro X to edit. Each workshop builds on the last, so attendees should plan to make time for all three in order to benefit from the full experience!

In this first of three workshops, we’ll spend time talking about how to shoot boring things in interesting ways (how do we make footage of someone making a cup of tea beautiful and romantic but also tragic and terrifying?). Depending on the weather, we’ll roam the library or its surrounding areas and shoot footage for our projects. We’ll then reconvene and go through Final Cut X’s logging, capturing, and categorizing process, thinking all the while about the music we’ll choose, and the tone we want to create with our edits.

In the second of three workshops, we will begin to edit our projects in Final Cut X. We will bring our music in (anything from your own music, the BeyoncĂ© song you dance to every morning, or whatever muzak you hear in your apartment building’s elevator) and practice cutting the visuals to the audio, with an emphasis on rhythm and clear artistic decisions. Are you cutting on the beat? Are you cutting off of the beat? Are your takes long and thoughtful? Quick and curious? We will work, in this class, towards a visually locked music video (meaning one whose sequence of shots won’t change).

In the final part of this three part workshop, with our visually locked projects, we will continue on with learning the basics of color editing to create final music videos. If what you thought as you were shooting would look better in black and white, this is where you’ll make that edit! We will then watch and workshop one another’s final pieces. Each participant can export their music videos and share them widely and wildly.

You can register now, and I hope to see you next Wednesday!

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