Penn+Box in the classroom

I made a temporary return to the classroom as a student last semester, and Penn+Box quickly became my most important organizational tool as I mixed work, class, and everyday life. Penn+Box often gets touted as a great way to share files with others and save your work in the cloud, and I use it regularly in my work here in the Libraries. However, I found two other features even more valuable as a student. Here’s how I used it to support my coursework.

Box app screenshot on iPhoneBox app: I went mostly paper-free in graduate school, and I still prefer reading on my laptop. This can be problematic when class time rolls around; my notes are on my laptop, but I hate carrying it around for a 15-hour day. Enter Box. With Box, I could upload my readings from my desktop (annotations included), and later read my notes and the original document from my phone or iPad during class.

I also used the app to read and review my classmates’ work. It was so easy to read during a short wait for the train or during lunch.

Screenshot of PennBox version history

Versions: Box lets you upload multiple versions of a single document. My class had a heavy write, revise, revise some more, and revise yet again component, and it would be easy to get lost in the many versions of the file throughout the semester. With Box, I could regularly upload a new version without losing what I had previously saved. I can easily download or revert to a previous version, and I no longer worry about cutting a paragraph or my computer crashing.

What tools have you found most useful in Penn+Box? Are you using it for academic or research work on campus? Let us know in the comments.

About Catherine Odson

I'm the Courseware Support Librarian at Penn. I support faculty, students and staff using Blackboard and other courseware systems run by the Libraries.

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