Farewell Celebration for Caitlin and Lindsey

Please join us from 3 to 5 pm on Tuesday, December 17 in the WIC Seminar Room to wish Caitlin Shanley and Lindsey Martin the best as they head off to Temple University this January. We will miss them very much, and look back on fond memories including Yellow Sweater day.

Caitlin will join Paley Library  as an Instruction Librarian and Team Leader. Since arriving at WIC in January 2012, Caitlin has helped grow our WordPress and Facebook outreach, developed the Tools Not Toys series, presented workshops on topics related to the digital humanities and managed our iPad program. On our blog, she has shared her expertise with iPads, Google searches and cat photos.

Lindsey is taking on the exciting challenge of directing a series of short educational films for the Institute on Disabilities. Since arriving at WIC in February 2012, Lindsey has taught hundreds of people around campus how to make great videos. She has created videos of our Mashup Contest winners. Her own career as a film-maker has taken off, and her films have been featured in several national venues. On our blog, she has shared her expertise on video formats, Premiere and scanning.

Their departures leave us with some very big shoes to fill in January. We hope that Caitlin and Lindsey will come back and visit us often as guest presenters and colleagues.

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